Enter to Win $50 Towards Your Post-Holiday Expenses with a Fun Group Giveaway

50$ Paypal or Mastercard Giveaway

Host: Canada US Win and Save

Co Host: Little Bit of Everything

There’s a few times of year when a little extra money can go a long way, and right after Christmas is one of those times! That’s why I’ve teamed up with five other bloggers to offer a fun group giveaway for either a $50 Mastercard gift card or $50 Paypal cash! Whether you need to pay a little extra on your bills or just grab that one perfect gift that you were wishing for but didn’t receive, this prize can help you out!

To enter to win, just use the giveaway form below to follow some other fabulous bloggers on their social networks. It’s just that easy and may result in a great prize! And since the giveaway is open worldwide, everyone has a chance at a little extra money after Christmas. Best of all, you may just discover some new bloggers you love! Happy entering!

166 thoughts on “Enter to Win $50 Towards Your Post-Holiday Expenses with a Fun Group Giveaway”

  1. I am happy that my three girls got ready and out the door on time for the school bus! I am thankful for small miracles!

  2. I work in a hospital cafeteria and found out 2 of our long time patients are getting to go home this week ! yay , thats a nice thing :)

  3. I guess, since it is only a little after 8 A.M. I would have to say the best thing that happened to me today is being able to wake up and get out of bed. I Thank the good Lord for his mercy and grace.

  4. My son and husband finally moved some of the old furniture out of my parents old house, so I can get around to selling it.

  5. Today is my first weigh in at WW, since before Christmas, and I’m a little nervous it’s not going to be good!!

  6. Chandra O'Connor

    I received a parcel in the mail with a great gift in it. The MasterCard gift card would be another nice thing to happen. :)

  7. My daughter in law posted a video of my grandson. Any day I get to see him giggling and being cute is a good day. The only think that would have made it better was if he was actually here.

  8. I had the day off today and was able to clean my house (love sitting at night when my girls are sleeping in a clean and organized environment)

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