The M is for Money Book Series Helps Teach Kids Basic Money Management-Giveaway

With tax season in full swing, money is something on the minds of a lot of adults right now. Good money management is one of those essential life skills that helps create future success but sadly, it’s a skill that most people never learn. Ideally, I think that money management should be taught in schools. But since that’s not currently done, I do want to make sure that my boys understand money so that they can be responsible with their finances both now and in the future.

That’s why I love the M is for Money book series and website! I had the chance to review the first three books in the series when they debuted last year, and I loved the way that these books used simple, kid-friendly concepts to explain money and its uses to kids. Now, the series has a total of nine books available and I couldn’t wait to see what my boys thought of the newer titles. I received books four, five and six to review and sat down to read them with my boys.

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The great thing about these books is that each one is a stand-alone story with an important money-based lesson. If your children already know the basic bill and coin denominations but don’t understand concepts like loans, you can choose the appropriate book and help them learn something new. The series’ main characters, twins Tessa and Benji, are relatable and help kids see the ways complex financial concepts can still relate to their own lives. Of course, my own little Benjamin was especially excited to see that one of the characters had his name!

Since I’ve explained the basics of loans and interest to Zackary but not to Benjamin, I especially liked the book Benji’s Little Loan. The story explained the basics of borrowing and paying back money using a trip to the toy store as an example. Counting Comes First was also a popular choice. It explained the basics of creating a budget, something my own boys often have to do with their birthday and chore money when they want to buy video games, toys or books from the school book orders.

Every book also enforces basic Canadian money concepts including the value of toonies, loonies, quarters and billls and basic addition and subtraction needed when spending money. I liked that the constant repetition of concepts helped keep money math fresh in my boys’ minds. And Benjamin loved testing his new skills by reading the different dollar amounts out loud as well as adding and subtracting!

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If you want to start teaching your little ones about the basics of money and financial literacy, you’re in luck! M is for Money is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a prize pack containing the three newest M is for Money paperback books and an assortment of M is for Money accessories, a $40 value! To enter to win, just visit the M is for Money website and leave a blog comment about something you liked or learned on the site.

I’m determined that financial literacy will always be a part of my boys’ life lessons. Teaching them that they need to save money in order to buy the things they want, budget carefully to ensure they have enough money saved and consider profit versus expenses when running a business means that as adults, they’ll have understanding of core monetary concepts they’ll use for the rest of their lives. And the best part is that instructing my kids in the proverbial value of a dollar is as simple as reading a fun, kid-friendly book together! M is for Money books and merchandise are available on the company’s website and at Chapters/Indigo stores across Canada, so pick up a few and help your kids on the path to financial literacy!

M is for Money giveaway

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37 thoughts on “The M is for Money Book Series Helps Teach Kids Basic Money Management-Giveaway”

  1. I love all the different way they are teaching children about money, through books, music,,bookmarks, colouring book, magnets and birthday cards. Children need to learn about money when they are young.

  2. Jennifer Ann Wilson

    Teaching children about money at a young age is very important and these books do just that. I am also very happy that this is a Canadian company!

  3. I like how the author has made her books and the website fun and interesting to kids to interest them in learning about the value of money and how it works.

  4. M is for Money is Canadian and the products they sell are made in Canada. What a great way for kids to learn about money!

  5. Debbie White Beattie

    I like how the author learned from her parents and she intern has come up with fun ways to pass on the information. Hopefully children learn how to earn and spend money

  6. I liked all the fun ways they have to teach your child the importance of money and I also like that the kids can make friends with Tessa & Benji and it keeps them more willing to learn!!

    1. Thank you so much for your support. Starting conversations about money early on is so important. It helped shape my financial future. M is for Money is my way of expressing my passion for financial literacy! Many thanks to you all.

      Teresa Cascioli, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author, M is for Money

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