Three Tips for Making Tax Filing Easier

March is always synonymous with spring but in my self-employed life, it’s also synonymous with taxes! Organizing a year of income and expenses is always something that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand, I love seeing how successful my year has been. On the other hand, going through all that information is hard work and can occasionally take weeks!

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That’s why keeping my information organized is a must for me, and luckily, Master Lock has been helping me do that for years now! If you’re getting ready to tackle your taxes, these tips may help you get the job done quicker…and keep you organized for next year too!

Whether you like taxes or loathe them, keeping all that important paperwork organized and easily accessible will be a load off your mind. And with all the work that taxes can entail, anything that makes the job easier is a good idea!

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53 thoughts on “Three Tips for Making Tax Filing Easier”

  1. I have a tax lady that handles all my stuff, but I should really start taking pictures of my receipt’s

  2. I have always loved doing taxes. I started with doing my parents when I was a teen and still enjoy it today. Filing online has really made things easy but I never thought of taking pictures of our paperwork before. I will have to start!

  3. for us its, go to the dollar store and buy a bright zipper pouch to store anything we might need to income tax purposes….. toss stuff into envie as we get it, take envie to accountant LOL
    I get a nice amount back every year

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