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As a P&G Mom, I’ve had the chance to test a lot of products over the years and then share reviews on my website. Some were ones I’ve loved for years. Others were new to me and have become must-haves in my house. And still others were okay, but just didn’t impress me quite as much. But no matter what I think of the products, having the chance to share my thoughts both with P&G and with family, friends and readers is something I’ve always loved.

And now, you can share your thoughts on P&G products too! With the P&G Rate and Review program, Canadians can create reviews of the P&G products that wowed them and the ones that they’re not so crazy about. Just visit and click the Rate and Review button to see a full list of P&G products. Then click on the one you want to review and share your thoughts with the world! Recently I had the chance to review a few popular products myself: Charmin Ultra Strong Bathroom Tissue, Pantene Moisture Renewal haircare and the Swiffer Sweep and Trap. Here are the thoughts I shared in my reviews on the P&G website.

charmin ultra strong

Charmin Ultra Strong bathroom tissue has long been a popular product in our household. It’s strong enough that just a few squares are needed, but still nice and soft. Since we started buying it, I’ve noticed that bathroom tissue lasts much longer…something that’s always a plus with two messy boys in the house!

moisture renewal pantene

Pantene Moisture Renewal haircare is a great everyday shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo leaves my hair soft and clean, but personally I prefer the added protection and moisture that I get from Pantene’s Expert Collection Dry Defy line. The conditioner is nourishing and helps leave my hair soft and free of tangles without weighing it down. It’s a perfect daily conditioner.

swiffer sweep and trap

I was most excited to try the Swiffer Sweep & Trap because my fiance hates crumbs on the floor and my boys are notorious for making a mess during mealtimes. I was hoping it would replace my broom and dustpan once and for all, but sadly it’s not quite that effective. It’s great for quick cleanups in between regular sweeping, but it doesn’t pick up the smaller dirt and crumbs that would make it a permanent alternative to my broom. It’s still a handy addition to the kitchen, though!

Want to share your own thoughts on P&G products? Make sure to head to to rate and review too so that other Canadians can see what items will work best for them. And reading the reviews is a great way to get an inside look on what you can expect when you’re looking for new products for your household. Whether you’re reading reviews or writing them, the Rate and Review program is quick, fun and informative to use!

Even though I already have the pleasure of sharing my thoughts on P&G products with readers, I still love having the ability to do so in another way on the P&G website. It lets me reach new people with my thoughts and help other families make informed decisions about the best products for them. Plus, I love reading other reviews to see what people thought about products I’m planning to try! Check out the website for yourself and get the inside scoop on all your favourite P&G brands!

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  1. I bought and tried Dawn platinum power wash spray & am extremely disappointed with this product. It does not do a good cleaning dishes as advertised. Definitely not worth the price I paid.

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