Renew Your Hair for Spring with Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour

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Like most teenage girls, I used to love changing my hair with different at-home colour kits. I usually went red, sometimes added streaks of blonde and even considered going jet black.

But then I let a few months pass between colourings shortly after turning twenty, and I remembered what a great natural hair colour I had.

At that moment, I decided that I would stop colouring my hair and enjoy my own, natural tresses until my hair started going so grey that I had no choice but to dye it. At that point, I figured, I could go crazy with wild hair colours to my heart’s content.

I managed to fend off those days for quite awhile by yanking out the occasional grey hairs I found but now, at 35, I’m starting to think that I’m doing more damage to my hair by yanking out greys than I would be just dying it again!

So I decided to take the plunge and colour my untouched hair for the first time in about 15 years…with a little help from Vidal Sassoon! The company’s new Salonist hair colour promised a salon-quality colouring experience due to a system that treats roots and lengths separately.

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Choosing a colour was the biggest first step. I asked my fiance if I should pick a colour that was drastically different, slightly different or as close to my natural colour as possible.

He thought that switching my colour up a bit with a slightly different change sounded fun, so I decided to go with a colour that I had a bit of past experience with and picked up two boxes of Vidal Sassoon Salonist Medium Reddish Brown.

Applying this hair colour is a little bit different than most hair dyes. Instead of a bottle that squeezes the dye onto the hair, a bowl and brush are used to paint the roots of the hair. It was a bit of a messy job because I have so much hair to work with, but I managed to get the roots painted fairly quickly.

Then I added a special serum to the remaining dye, scooped it up and worked it through the lengths of my hair with my hands. Again, with so much hair, this was a process that took some work and I’m not altogether sure that I didn’t miss a spot or two. But I eventually finished and waited 30 minutes for the dye to saturate my strands.

vidal sassoon salonist before and after

Then it was time to rinse it out, dry my hair and see the results! I loved the deep conditioner that came with the Vidal Sassoon Salonist hair colour; it left my hair so soft, smooth and manageable. And soon my hair was dry so I could see the results of the dye.

I have to say, I found that my hair looked more reddish purple than reddish brown. Working with hair that hadn’t been coloured or treated in any way, I’m not sure why I would have ended up with that distinct tinge to my tresses. But once I’d adjusted to the change, I loved my new look!

I also really noticed the way the separate root treatment added dimension to the colour. I actually thought at first that my roots were more red than the rest of my hair; something that’s usually opposite since the lengths tend to be dryer and soak up more dye.

But after studying my tresses in the sunlight, I noticed that my hair had great overall colour and brightness; I just noticed the roots since the top of my head was reflecting the light more!

kathryn hair after salonist colour

Because my ends were split and dry even before I dyed my hair, I decided that I would also schedule a haircut and style after I tried the Vidal Sassoon Salonist hair colour. And when my hair was cut, I loved my new look even more!

It was fresh, youthful and fun, a new lighthearted style for springtime. And if I get tired of the colour, I’ll just use the Salonist Medium Golden Brown to go back to a colour that’s more natural. But one thing is certain: now that I’m back to dying my hair, I’ll likely stick with it.

Being able to change up my look and get professional results at home in just half an hour is so easy and tons of fun. It’s the perfect way to add new life to your hair, and the results are sure to have you smiling!

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  1. I was going to make an appointment to get my hair done next week. ..this would save me dome money. ☺ Thank you for the opportunity! And Yes I would review and post for sure!

  2. Florence Cochrane

    I agree to review Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour on if I win. My hubby puts my colour in the place I find had to reach.

  3. I would like to review this product, i haven’t tried it or havent had any one i know that has tried it.
    I like the colour you choose it matches your skin tone nicely.

  4. I would love to review this product, I was just telling my mother I was thinking of changing my hair colour, this would be awesome to be choosen!!!

  5. Looks great! I have been colouring my hair at home for many years. I have not tried the Salonist hair colour. Thanks for the chance! I will for sure Review on

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