Improve Your House’s Air Easily with the Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier and App

Last year, Dyson released its first ever air purifier, the Dyson Pure Cool. I loved the silent operation of the unit and the fact that it could be used as a fan in hot weather as well as a purifier. And of course, as with all Dyson Canada products, the sleek, modern design was instantly appealing!

Now, Dyson has made a good thing even better with the release of the Dyson Pure Cool Link, an air purifier that contains all the previous features of the original design and also lets me monitor air quality with the Dyson Link app!

I received the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower in White to review and my fiance had it set up in the living room the day it arrived.

With a remote to control the purifier power and fan level, it was the perfect way to cool our room on a hot summer’s day as well as making the air more breathable. But what I really wanted to do was test out the way that the Dyson Link app increased the air purifier’s functionality, so I grabbed my smartphone and got ready to connect.

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Setting up the purifier on my home WiFi system was a step-by-step process that started with downloading the Dyson Link app, available free of charge for Android and iOS operating systems. Then I selected the “Connect a New Device” option and entered information about my WiFi network and my purifier.

Initially, I had problems getting the purifier to connect to the system, so I called the Dyson help line to walk me through the process. The staff were incredibly helpful and suggested a few different solutions. Eventually, using my fiance’s iPhone to connect solved the problem, and instantaneously connected my phone as well!

After that, it was time to see what the app could do. I saw immediately that I could power up the air purifier, turn on the rotation and adjust the level of the fan all using my smartphone and of course, I had to spend a few minutes playing with the settings just for fun. But it was over the coming days that I really started appreciating the functionality of the app and how it could be used to ensure my family had the freshest air possible.

The app charts air quality each day, giving it a rating from Good to Fair to Poor to Very Poor. One of the things I loved about the purifier was that even when it wasn’t running, it still charted air quality.

I noticed that when I left the purifier on all day, even at its lowest setting, the overall daily air quality was always good. But on one occasion, when the purifier had only been on for five hours, our overall air quality for the day was only Fair.

But even better than that was the fact that by looking at the breakdown of each day, I could find patterns to help me maximize the efficiency of the purifier. For whatever reason, the house seems to have poorer air quality in the late afternoon to early evening. Overnight and from noon to late afternoon, air quality is consistently good.

That means I can turn off the purifier at those times without worrying about poor air quality! Even better, I can program a schedule so that the purifier automatically turns on during times I choose.

dyson pure cool app

The app also tracks the current life of the filter so that I know how many hours of the 4000+ it has left before it needs to be replaced. This is one of those little details that I would never think of otherwise, so I love that the filter’s lifespan has been built right into the app.

Top that all off with a product guide to help set up and maintain the purifier and an auto mode that turns the purifier on and off depending on the current air quality, and breathing clean air has never been so easy!

Having this air purifier in the house lets me know that the air my family is breathing is as healthy as possible. And since indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air, that’s important to me both as a mother and an allergy sufferer! And the fact I can both monitor the air quality and improve it just using an app on my phone is so convenient. Find the Dyson Pure Cool Link in stores across North America now and help ensure the air in your house is as clean as possible!

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  1. Debbie White Beattie

    I seen a dyson fan in use at a store and it was fairly loud. So as cool as it looks the nose would drive me crazy !

  2. I would love one! It as so many great features! I don’t have a smart phone but still a great machine!

  3. This sounds like an awesome machine, I love that you can use it from your phone and it monitor’s the air quality!!

  4. sabina Edwards

    I’M THAT ADULT, that you see in the stores, sticking her hand into the thing, cus I’m just so amazed with them lol (I embarrass my 20 yr old a lot)

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