What Do You Think? Reader Reviews of Vidal Sassoon Salonist Hair Colour #PGMom

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About a month ago, I made the drastic decision to say goodbye to my natural brown hair colour and try a fun new reddish brown shade using new Vidal Sassoon Salonist hair colour. I loved the results and sharing my new colour with the world. But Vidal Sassoon wanted to know what you thought of its product too! Recently, twenty of my readers had the chance to review VS Salonist, and now they’re sharing their thoughts on the process and the results! Here are a few of the reviews; you can read even more on the pgeveryday.ca website!

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This is probably the best hair colour that I have used since I started colouring my hair full time around 4 years ago. The process is quite messy and lengthy but I really love the results that I get from it. I have stubborn greys and they cover them without issues and they blend naturally in with the rest of my hair. My greys usually don’t hold colour well and fade quickly but a week later it is still holding up. My hair feels so nice when I am done and is much more manageable. I will continue using it in the future. ~newfiechic

I have shoulder length, lots of grey and it’s thick. I liked the end result of how well it covered everything and that there was enough product to do so. I disliked the smell and so did my pets! The price was the same for all the products on the shelf. I really loved the hydrating conditioner smell, pretty sure it’s coconut, so that made up for the smelly part during the wait. ~Ferret_Binabug

I coloured my hair 2 weeks ago with the VIDAL SASSOON SALONIST DARK RED VIOLET haircolour and I absolutely love it. I just love the colour, it turned my dark hair to a beautiful merlot red colour. Almost everyday since colouring my hair I’ve been receiving so many compliments everywhere I go (even from just random people) on how much they love my haircolour! I found the process was actually really easy and only a little bit messy (only because i have very long hair) but the hair coloured wiped off very easily using a cloth and warm water. Overall, I just love this hair colour it left my hair feeling soft, healthy and shiny! I should also mention that since it’s been 2 weeks since i coloured my hair that the colour is still vibrant and hasn’t faded too much. ~kitkat23

I found this hair dye to work great. I chose the dark red violet color. My hair is naturally darkish brown,so wanted a little change. I love the look of it. It is a little complicated to use ,as it is different than other hair dyes,but it wasn`t too hard to figure out. I don`t have grey hair,but it covered all my hair equally,down to the roots,and looks really nice. I was very impressed with it and would buy it again. ~ksceviour

I received this as a sample to try, so I choose the colour Dark Cool Blonde, I have coloured my hair before but I have never tried this brand, well I have to say it mixed up great and easy, and no strong odour either!! but the best part was how it went on the hair, I liked that it was thick enough so no drips and running, and still was easy to come out of the bottle. I did my whole head so I left it on for 30 min..When the time was up, it was easy to wash out and put on the conditioner that came in the box, boy did my hair ever feel soft and silky. I was worried about the straw feeling but nope not with this brand, I would use it again, thanks for the great product!!! ~lyndac68

Tried the colour a week ago and getting use to the red in the colour. At first was really surprised at how red it was but now think I might just really like it. ~ellyskid

This is a new type of coloring product, that I never used before. It is a 2 step process. I really love this hair color kit! In the past I had always wished they would include the hair coloring brush and a mixing bowl used in salons – it makes it so much easier to do your roots and hairline. This product leaves my hair super shiny and soft. Another great thing is that I actually found a shade very close to my own which has always been difficult to do without making it more reddish or brassy. I highly recommend reading and re-reading the directions completely before using to make sure you know exactly what to do and when. ~BlairW

For submitting their reviews, these fabulous women were entered into a draw for a $100 gift card, and Bina, aka Ferret_Binabug, was the lucky winner! Congratulations! I had so much fun seeing what everyone thought of the product and I know that P&G appreciates the feedback so that the company can continue to make new and better products that Canadians will love.

While I still like my hair colour, I don’t think it’s one that I’ll be keeping permanently. I like my own rich brown shade even more. But since the grey has started to creep into my hair, I will likely be using VS Salonist to cover those greys while enjoying a shade I love! If you want salon results that are affordable and achievable at home, give Vidal Sassoon Salonist a try and see what you think. And don’t forget to share your reviews on the pgeveryday.ca website!

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  1. sabina Edwards

    thanks so much, I did have fun doing this and my hair certainly needed the grey to be covered up!! And thanks for all the help with the P & G site when it seemed like I broke it LOL

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