Save Time and Money Cleaning Your Car, Home and Yard with P&G Printable Coupons

Spring cleaning is one of those yearly events that I always used to put off as long as possible.

But now, living with a man that not only loves a clean house but also works hard to keep it that way, I’ve had no choice but to embrace the cleaning lifestyle and make spring cleaning a priority.

Luckily, I’ve learned quite a few tricks for making spring cleaning easier, faster, and even affordable!

Getting ready to do some cleaning of your own? Here are some step-by-step tips for getting your car, yard and closet ready for summer!

Spring Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Money

Cleaning the Car

  • Start by taking off your winter tires and getting an oil change so that your car is ready for summer fun. Don’t forget to also check the levels of your brake fluid, antifreeze, transmission fluid and washer fluid while you’re at it!
  • Next, spray the car exterior to remove dirt and salt from slushy winter roads. Salt and other snow-melting chemicals can do some serious damage to metal if left on too long, so make sure to wash that exterior thoroughly!
  • Finally, get the interior sparkling! Vacuum floors and seats, using an upholstery brush attachment if possible, and then spray the fabric with Febreze fabric refresher to remove unpleasant winter odours and leave your interior looking and smelling brand new! Right now, save $0.75 on Febreze with P&G Everyday Printable Coupons!
  • And don’t forget to freshen up any other vehicles, like ride-on mowers, motorcycles, and UTVs! Consider using UTV seat covers after cleaning to keep seats looking their best!

Cleaning the Yard

  • The inside of your house isn’t the only place that gets dirty during winter weather! Head out to your yard to rake the grass and remove any debris that might have ended up on your lawn over the winter.
  • While you’re at it, store sleds, snowboards and skates in the garage and pull out bicycles and comfy outdoor lounge chairs so that you’re ready for outdoor play.
  • Then, get rid of those weeds before they can take over the yard! Fill a spray bottle with 1/2 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of warm water and a good squirt of Dawn dish soap. Fill the rest of the bottle with vinegar and shake gently until combined. Spray on weeds, being careful to avoid plants you want to keep! And remember to grab your printable coupon for $0.50 off Dawn dish soap first! It’s good for all kinds of spring cleaning tasks!

Cleaning the Closets

  • One of my favourite spring jobs is taking out all the cute summer clothes that I’ve had packed away for winter. Start by sorting through current clothes and taking out anything you no longer wear and clothes your kids have outgrown. Throw out anything especially old or damaged and donate the rest to your favourite cause.
  • Next, wash up winter boots and make sure they’re in good enough condition to last another year. If not, now is a great time to find clearance winter gear at huge discounts…though you may have to hunt around for the items you need! Pack the boots away and pull out your summer sandals so you’re ready for warm weather.
  • Finally, fold and pack the heavy sweaters and coats you’ll need next winter in a labelled bag or box. To keep them fresh and ready to wear, tuck a Bounce dryer sheet in with the clothing. (Don’t forget to print your coupon to save $1.00 on Bounce first!) In addition to ensuring clothes smell great for months, the sheets also help repel bugs and mice! Then fill that empty closet space with shorts, tank tops and other summer clothes you had packed away for winter.

printable coupons P&G

Have other spring cleaning tasks on your itinerary?

Whether you’re scrubbing scuff marks off the walls with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or dusting all those high shelves with a Swiffer Duster, P&G Everyday Printable Coupons can help you save on all your favourite cleaning supplies and so much more!

Check out all the coupons available and print the ones you want today!

Then roll up your sleeves, grab your cleaning supplies and get ready to turn your house into a summer oasis!

You’ll be amazed at how easy and affordable spring cleaning can be with a few coupons and the right products to help you through it!

29 thoughts on “Save Time and Money Cleaning Your Car, Home and Yard with P&G Printable Coupons”

  1. I love coupons and the money they save me but I despise using the printed ones.
    Usually in a line up with everyone’s attn. on me because the cashier has now called the manager down
    to check them and a lot of stores refuse.They are embarrassing to say the least!!

  2. All great tips! But like others I have had issues with Printable Coupons so have given up trying to redeem them :(

  3. i love coupons , i can get away with printed coupons around here , but i like the mailed ones more !

  4. Karla Sceviour

    I love p&g products,and love coupons! I do not like having to print them though! I liked when you could order them to be mailed to your home.

  5. It’s nice that P&G has coupons available, but I agree that the print-at-home revolution is not good for most consumers. 1) usually they use JAVA (not javascript) and that’s generally acknowledged to be a security problem 2) difficulty printing and wasting money on your own ink 3) acceptance. I think that is why some companies are trying to go for mobile apps, but that’s too good for the companies (take you via your GPS and phone). For the consumer the best thing is just to have a sale and forget the coupons.

  6. Like some other commenters, I love P&G and coupons are a great way to save money but I really wish they were mailed instead of printed. Many stores refuse to accept ones that are printed at home, not to mention the expense of the ink.

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