uHoo, the World’s Most Advanced Air Quality Sensor, is Available for Pre-Order Now

As somebody that suffers from both virus-induced asthma and seasonal allergies, air quality is something that’s often on my mind. Most of the year, I’ll breeze through each day breathing easy, but every once in a while I’ll wake up and find myself sneezing and wheezing for hours on end. While the trouble breathing and stuffy nose is troublesome in itself, not knowing what’s causing the reaction makes it even worse. I never know when another outbreak is going to hit!

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Both my boys have the same random allergic reactions that I do and until now, we just had to cross our fingers and hope that whatever was causing the discomfort wouldn’t be in the air for long. Now, we have another solution! The uHoo Air Quality Sensor is a unique new device about the same size as a soda can that uses multiple sensors to monitor the pollutants in your air. Whether you’re worried about potential harmful chemicals, allergens or your home’s level of carbon dioxide, this compact and stylish air quality monitor can help you to breath easier. It’s currently available in both a Classic and Premium edition, with the uHoo Premium being the most advanced indoor air quality sensor in the world!

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The uHoo detects and monitors more chemicals, toxins and particles than any other air detector, which makes it a great multi-purpose device for the whole household. I love the fact that it detects potentially dangerous chemicals such as Volatile Organic Compounds. If I need to paint or use a harsh cleaner for some reason, being able to track the level of VOCs in the house will allow me to ensure that I wear a mask and keep my boys clear of the area when necessary.

I also love the fact the uHoo tracks air pressure, humidity, dust levels and temperature in addition to harmful chemicals and toxins. The multiple readings are a great starting point to discovering what triggers might cause my boys or me to get stuffed up and congested. And the best part is that air quality is easily tracked and monitored through a convenient smartphone app! I especially like having the ability to set custom alerts for the specific triggers that most affect my family.

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To help users pinpoint exactly what’s causing their discomfort, the uHoo app also includes a Health Diary. By simply logging in and recording a sudden bout of sneezing or shortness of breath, and then checking the air quality at that time, I finally have the ability to pinpoint possible triggers of my family’s seasonal allergies and my own occasional asthma flareups! The Health Diary can even be digitized and shared with a doctor or health care professional to help determine the ideal treatment for my personal needs.

The uHoo Air Sensor is available for pre-order right now in North America and the company is celebrating by hosting a very special giveaway! Just help spread the word about the launch of the uHoo Indoor Air Sensor and you could win a $50 Amazon.com gift card! Enter the giveaway now for your chance to win! And don’t forget to also place your order for the uHoo Classic for just $89, a savings of 55% off the regular price, or the uHoo Premium for only $139, a savings of 44% off the regular price! This special offer won’t last long, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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From its sleek and stylish design to its multi-functional air quality detection, the uHoo is a must for any mom concerned about the health of her family’s indoor air for any reason. And as an added bonus, its compact size makes it easy to take along on that family vacation to track air quality away from home too! For somebody like me that isn’t sure what contaminants cause a reaction, being able to record potential triggers even when away from home is a huge benefit! Learn more about the uHoo on the company’s website and see why it should be the newest addition to your home. From managing asthma or hay fever to minimizing your children’s exposure to chemicals, this little device will have you breathing a sigh of relief!

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  1. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham)

    Wow, it’s quite impressive that you can set it to alert you for certain things.

  2. Oh wow! What a great sounding device! I too, suffer from allergies and asthma so I would really love to have something like this in my home to know if there were changes I need to make!

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