Treat Your Clothes to the Best with Tide Ultra Stain Release

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If there’s one thing every parent knows, it’s that when it comes to kids, summer and stains go hand in hand. From the inevitable grass and mud stains on pants to sticky smudges from ice cream or freeze pops, summer fun means summer mess with active kids in the house!

Luckily, I have a secret weapon for ensuring even the dirtiest clothes come out of the washer looking like new: Tide Ultra Stain Release!

This detergent is my do-it-all superhero when dealing with really tough stains and the secret is all in the cap. A clever design lets me use the top of the cap to rub detergent deep into the fibres of stained clothing. It works for even the toughest, most set-in stains and that means that I can keep my boys’ clothes looking their best until the next growth spurt.

tide ultra stain release

So what else makes Tide Ultra Stain Release so great? The all-in-one convenience, of course! While the detergent is great at getting clothes their cleanest, it’s also a super effective pre-treating agent for removing up to 99% of everyday stains. When I combine the detergent itself with the stain-removing cap, there’s no mess too big for this mom to handle!

I must admit that I’m not always the best about removing stains from clothing, and there have been times in the past that I’ve actually ruined clothes either by not treating a stain right away, not checking clothes for remaining stains before drying them or a different stain sin that left a piece of clothing ruined.

But the wonderful thing about Tide Ultra Stain Release is that getting out tough stains doesn’t take any extra skill! It’s as simple as drizzling detergent on the stain, scrubbing it with the cap and washing it as usual. With this laundry detergent in the house, anyone can be an expert at removing stubborn stains!

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  1. Louise Gilbert

    The worst stain is my husband work cloths. Its always cover in mud, grease , oil and diesel fuel

  2. The worst stains for me is the grease from cooking and my husbands work clothes, especially the collar on his work shirts!

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