Black Fly Beverages are Summer Refreshment That’s Not Too Sweet

With only one month left of summer, I’m making the most of every single hot and sunny day. And that means that I’m always on the lookout for a tasty and delicious beverage to sip while out by the pool, at the cottage or just relaxing in the back yard.

But I can also be a little picky about what I drink. I don’t like anything too sweet, but I do like crisp, refreshing fruit flavours. Luckily, this year I finally discovered my ideal summer drink: Black Fly Beverages!

black fly beverages

Black Fly’s promise is a sparkling ready-to-drink beverage that’s not too sweet and when I saw the company even boasted some sour fruit flavours, I couldn’t wait to try them for myself. I received an assortment of some of the top Black Fly products to review and with my first sip of a Black Fly Sour Vodka Grape, I knew I’d found a new favourite beverage.

Not only do Black Fly beverages have a great level of sweetness for me, the sour fruit varieties taste like the sour candies that I used to love as a child. Having that tangy grape taste in a drink form was something that was so much fun and perfect for summer refreshment.

For those that don’t prefer too much tanginess in their drinks, though, Black Fly also makes Rum Punch, Long Island Iced Tea and a few other popular flavours. The rum punch drinks were especially tasty with a freshly barbecued burger!

black fly raspberry

Jeremy, however, preferred the classic flavour of the Black Fly Whiskey Sour. As a whiskey lover, he liked that the drink also featured his favourite spirit. The option of choosing between vodka, rum, gin and whiskey coolers was one more thing that won my heart about Black Fly. I love vodka, my brother and fiancé enjoy whiskey and my sister prefers rum. With these coolers, we can all have a tasty drink that’s not too sweet and very summery.

These drinks have been such a nice addition to our summer celebrations and I’m so happy that I had the chance to try them. Make sure to grab a few for your next party, and keep an eye out for the new Black Fly Vodka Sour Raspberry and Gin Tom Collins in stores now. Tangy, flavourful and not too sweet, you’re sure to find a variety that you like!

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