Add a Little Sparkle to Your Summer with New 4th Street Lightly Sparkled Sweet White Wine

When it comes to summer refreshment, I like a drink that’s light, sparkling and maybe a little fruity. And for years, I’ve been a big fan of white wine. So when I saw the brand new 4th Street Lightly Sparkled Sweet White Wine, individual bottles of sparkling South African wine, I couldn’t wait to try it. The sweet, lightly bubbling drink sounded like the perfect choice for summer. And I loved the convenient single-serve bottles!

4th street sparkling white wine

4th Street Lightly Sparkled Sweet White Wine comes in a six-pack of bottles, which makes it a great choice for taking to the cottage or the beach on a day off. Personally, I liked being able to pour a single glass of the sparkling drink and then sit in the back yard in the shade of our large tree. The beverage tastes like a white wine spritzer and even though I don’t generally drink sweet wine, I quite enjoyed the sweet taste of this drink. It was like a cooler and wine combined!

While I liked the sparkling white wine beverage on its own, I had a feeling it would be even better with a touch of fruity flavour added. So to keep the drink cold and add some extra punch as well, I added frozen strawberries to the beverage. And just like that, I loved the new 4th Street wine even more! The hint of strawberry was beautiful with the light flavour of the wine and since it kept the drink cold on a hot day, it made the beverage even more of a great choice for summer. I can’t wait to try a tropical version with frozen pineapple and mango too!

kathryn with 4th street wine

4th Street Lightly Sparkled Sweet White Wine is available now in liquor stores across Saskatchewan so if you’re planning a fun summer party or getaway and want a great light drink choice for the final days of summer, make sure to give these beverages a try. The sparkling sweet flavour is like taking a sip of summer and the individual size is ideal for outdoor fun. Grab a package and see what you think of this sweet new drink!

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