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So far, 2016 has been a year of change, adventure and fun at every turn. And those are all themes that are going to be continuing for the rest of the year too. With my upcoming wedding on October 1, a honeymoon in Ireland, a move to a new city later in October and the purchase of a new house, we’ll be busy every minute for quite a few months…and loving every minute of it!

Knowing we’ll need to purchase a house soon, I’m already starting to look into the many details involved in the process. From finding a good lawyer to draw up the paperwork to investigating the current prices in the markets we’re looking at, being prepared gives me the confidence that we’re making the best choice for our family’s future. And a big part of that process is making sure that we have the best mortgage available.

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Luckily, finding a great mortgage is something I can do in seconds thanks to! This online insurance comparison website lets us quickly and easily check current available mortgage rates anywhere in Canada so that we can find the best one for us in just seconds.

I headed to the website to see what kind of rates were available and start the pre-approval process for our mortgage. To get started, I simply added an appoximate purchase price, the amount of our down payment, my preference between a fixed and variable mortgage and the mortgage length. Then, with the click of a button, I was able to see all the available mortgage rates and what banks were offering them!

As an added bonus, I was also able to see what our monthly mortgage payments would be with the offered rates. I was shocked to see that the low rate offered by Jeremy’s bank right now would save us over $300 on our mortgage payment compared to the rate offered by my own bank! That’s a big saving on our monthly expenses that can then go towards paying off our mortgage faster!

money also offers comparison shopping for travel, life and car insurance, savings account interest rates and even credit cards! I loved that I could sort Rewards Credit Cards based on the type of reward to choose the ones that best suit my lifestyle. I tend to favour either cash-back or travel rewards credit cards and with the click of a button, I can see the current best offerings from banks across Canada.

Thanks to my quick search at, my fiancé and I have been able to start our pre-approval process and lock in a great rate for our upcoming purchase. That one action takes a huge amount of pressure off of us during the process of buying a house since we know our funding is guaranteed and we can leap on that perfect deal when it pops up. Whether you’re buying a house like we are, getting insurance for an upcoming trip or looking for a bank account that will maximize your savings, can help! You’ll love how quick and easy finding great rates can be!

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