Betty Spaghetty Dolls and Little Live Pets Lil’ Frogs are Hot New Toys this Fall

Looking for the hottest new toys for fall fun this year? Look no further! Just in time for the holidays, Little Live Pets and Betty Spaghetty have released some great new options for boys and girls alike. I’ve been a fan of the Little Live Pets line for ages now and every year, the company manages to expand on an already great collection to add new and fun animal toys for kids. This year, Little Live Pets is introducing the brand new and adorable Lil’ Frog that can hop and swim!

little live pets lil frog

With two boys in the house, it goes without saying that this was one toy I knew would be a hit. The beauty of Little Live Pets is that they let kids experience a bit of the fun of having a pet, without us poor parents actually having to worry about making sure a live animal is fed and housed safely. The adorable Little Live Pets Lil’ Frog is the perfect example of that. It’s quite a bit bigger than a real frog and comes with fun accessories including its own floating lily pad (making the frog a perfect bathtub toy) and an aquarium. It’s the next best thing to having a real pet animal!

And for those that prefer dolls to animals, get ready for the exciting re-release of the popular Betty Spaghetty dolls from the late 1990s! These fun dolls feature unique rubbery hair that can be manipulated into a variety of different styles as well as interchangeable hands, feet, fashions and accessories. Personally, what I love about Betty Spaghetty is her kid-like appearance. Instead of having a sophisticated and womanly look, Betty’s style is more goofy and silly, the way a child’s toy should be. I can’t wait to surprise my goofy and silly nieces with these cute dolls!

betty spaghetty dolls and lil frog

Little Live Pets and Betty Spaghetty products are available now at select toy stores across Canada, so grab your favourites now and get a start on that holiday shopping! These toys are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages and are great either as stocking stuffers or as gifts for under the tree. Or just treat your child to a fun surprise when he or she brings home that first report card. Either way, Little Live Pets and Betty Spaghetty are sure to put a smile on your child’s face!

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128 thoughts on “Betty Spaghetty Dolls and Little Live Pets Lil’ Frogs are Hot New Toys this Fall”

  1. oh gosh! it is so hard to pick between the two. I think my oldest daughter would love them both equally. she would love the frog especially during bath time and the Betty Spaghetty Doll she would carry around with her everywhere because she loves little dollies and figures

  2. I think one of my kids will love the Little Live Pets the best, and the other will love the Betty Spaghetty doll the best – perfect, one for each of them!

  3. I can I pick both – my niece would love the Betty Spaghetti Dolls & my nephew the Frog. The would both make great presents!

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