3 Tips to Increase Your Inner Peace During The Holidays

Staying calm, peaceful and balanced is hard at the best of times, but during the busy holiday season it can sometimes feel impossible. This year especially, stress is taking its toll on my well-being more than ever as we settle into a new house in a new city, prepare to shop for our forever home, get the boys settled in a new school and deal with the overall hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays.

That’s why I’ve decided to take steps to reclaim my inner peace and find my Zen so that I can enjoy the holiday season to its fullest. And these are the three ways I’ll be doing that!

Early Morning Meditation


Daily meditation offers a plethora of benefits, including increased mental focus, improved immunity, reduced blood pressure and improved memory. But finding the time to meditate when life gets busy can feel almost impossible. That’s why I’ve started setting my alarm fifteen minutes early so that I can use that extra time to reflect and prepare for the day.

By meditating first thing in the morning, I don’t feel like I’m stopping my work flow or losing time. And those few minutes of self-reflection also help me to feel more peaceful and energized throughout the entire day.

Healthy Eating

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If I’m not energizing my body properly, I’m not going to be at my best. But unfortunately, those busy, stressful times are the ones when we’re most likely to reach for junk food. My meals are already quite healthy but to ensure I’m feeling great, I know I need to keep an eye on those snacks too.

By stocking up on healthy treats like whole nuts, fresh vegetables and even raw chocolate for an extra special treat, I can satisfy my cravings for something delicious without setting myself up for sluggishness later.

Giving Back

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There are few things more spiritually restoring than helping others, whether it’s in a big way or a small one. From now on, I’m committing to helping another person at least once per week in some way. From donating food items to my local food bank (my personal favourite cause), to buying coffee for the person behind me in line, to helping a neighbour bring groceries into the house, there are so many small ways that I can make another person’s life a little easier. And doing so helps to restore a sense of calm and meaning to my own life as well!

Of course, despite practicing morning meditation and my other favourite techniques, I know stress is going to get the best of me from time to time. However, by being proactive about dealing with the stress, I’m confident I’ll be able to make the most of the weeks ahead of me. And being at peace during the holidays is really the best gift I can give myself!

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22 thoughts on “3 Tips to Increase Your Inner Peace During The Holidays”

  1. Great tips!! I love the early morning peace. No meditation for me but just time to collect my thoughts before the kids get up.

  2. Great tips, eating healthy is definitely on the plan for the holidays since I had some no so nice blood tests results and have to make changes. Not going to let the holidays make me cheat.

  3. I don’t meditate in the mornings but I am up before the sun. I need this quiet time before anyone else gets up. If by chance I sleep in and awake with the rest of the household.. I feel exhausted and drained in every way all day long.

  4. This was a good article, we all need to start looking after ourselves, I let stress get the better of me to the point where I will get sores in my mouth and get all shaky, not good!!

  5. Since I’m going through a messy separation, this is the first Christmas that will be peaceful. I don’t have anyone doing or saying negative things to me which happened every Christmas for years.

    1. I am SO happy to hear that you’ll be able to enjoy your Christmas, Chandra! I’ve been there myself and getting out was the best thing I’ve ever done. The freedom and happiness afterwords is almost unbelievable. Best wishes for a long deserved absolutely fantastic holiday! <3

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