Show Loved Ones Your Feelings This Christmas with Jewelry from Powder & Jade-Giveaway

One of the upsides of blogging is that I’ve had the chance to make friends from all over the world and some of those friends are the best ones I’ve ever had. But the downside of that is I usually don’t get the chance to see those friends too often. Luckily, a true friendship is one that isn’t affected by distance and every time I see one of my beloved blogging buddies, we’re able to jump into adventures as if we’d never been apart.

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Still, I like to sometimes remind those special friends that I’m thinking of them, and that’s why I absolutely love the fashion jewelry from Powder & Jade. This Etsy boutique offers meaningful jewelry for couples, sisters, mothers/daughters and, my personal favourite, best friends. Each stylish necklace comes with an adorable quote explaining the significance of the chosen piece. I recently had a chance to review one of the necklaces and I knew in seconds which one I would choose: the Rose Gold Star Necklace.

A simple star design in either yellow gold or rose gold is accented with cubic zirconia and hung on a delicate chain. The accompanying quote reads, “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you always know they’re there.” Thinking about the friends I love and only see every year or two, I knew this necklace would be the perfect surprise Christmas gift! The necklace arrived in a dainty brown box wrapped in twine and looked beautiful hanging on the printed card inside. I loved the way the jewels sparkled against the rose gold setting and I’m so excited to hear the reaction it gets when it arrives in the mail.

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If you have a loved one that you’d like to surprise with a special gift this year, you’re in luck! Powder & Jade is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their choice of any one necklace, a $30 value! To enter to win, just check out the selection of Powder & Jade necklaces and leave a blog comment about which one is your favourite.

While the best friend necklaces were the ones that spoke to me, the other quotes and styles of necklaces are equally beautiful and meaningful, so make sure to check out the other designs from Powder & Jade as well. When it comes to showing a loved one how much you care, a simple and beautiful piece of jewelry can be a statement of your feelings that will be loved for years to come.

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