Kids Are Always Picture Perfect and Ready to Play with Peekaboo Beans

When it comes to clothes for kids, there’s no shortage of options these days. Boys and girls alike can head to school sporting anything from discount finds to designer brands. As a fashion fan, I’ve splurged on my fair share of trendy threads for Zackary and Benjamin. But there was always something missing from any clothing I chose. Stylish looks lacked comfort. Comfortable clothes wore out too quickly. And perhaps worst of all, the bulk of the clothing I purchased was mass produced in factories that used harsh chemicals and dyes in the manufacturing process.

Then last Christmas, Peekaboo Beans offered me the chance to review a few of its clothing items and from the second my hand touched the thick, durable fabric of the clothes, I fell in love. Less than a year later, I’ve had the chance to become Peekaboo Beans’ newest brand ambassador and I couldn’t be happier about the opportunity.

peekaboo beans shirt

When it comes to Peekaboo Beans clothing, detail is everything. Founder and mother Traci Costa believes that comfort, style and eco-friendliness should be a priority when it comes to children’s clothing and when she couldn’t find clothes that were up to her standards, she created Peekaboo Beans. These clothes are hands-down the highest quality children’s wear I’ve ever found. And best of all, my boys love the clothing just as much!

With all the Peekaboo Beans love in this house, it goes without saying that my boys were wearing their favourite Beans for school picture day this year. The beautiful thing about these clothes is that even though they’re completely photo worthy, they’re also designed with comfort in mind. Peekaboo Beans clothes are free of scratchy tags, awkward buttons and irritating seams. Long-sleeved shirts have an innovative thumb-hole so that children don’t have to yank on their sleeves when putting on a coat. Outerwear features easy-to-use zippers that glide with ease. And pants use a comfortable adjustable drawstring rather than zippers, buttons or snaps.

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I decided Benjamin’s outfit would be the Peekaboo Beans Run Wild Pants in Black paired with the Historical Tee. This shirt is one of my favourite Peekaboo Beans pieces. It offers the look and style of a button-up shirt, yet still slips on and off like a regular t-shirt. Benjamin loved the vibrant colour and pattern, and I loved the dressy, yet still wearable look the overall outfit boasted. For Zackary, I paired the Hang Out Pants in Indigo with the Camera Ready Tee. This shirt has a unique solid front and patterned back that give it a very trendy look, and I loved how it paired with the comfortable denim pants. Both boys completed the outfits with their Peas & Thanks jackets; mid-weight jackets perfect for fall.

As stylish as the boys looked, though, the best part of sending them off for their photos in their Beans was knowing that when they ran onto the playground at recess and lunch, they’d still be able to move, jump and play with their friends comfortably. And because Beans are built to last, these clothes will look great for years, even with all the roughhousing my boys will be putting them through! I have to admit, I’m going to shed a few tears when Zackary grows out of a size 10 and sizes himself out of these wonderful clothes!

zackary peekaboo beans

For some kids, clothing might not be the most exciting Christmas gift but Peekaboo Beans clothing is so fun and comfortable that even the most fashion-oblivious child may just get excited about finding that new outfit under the tree. And if your kids, like mine, like to dress their best and show off their style, you can’t go wrong with the Peekaboo Beans winter collection. Find a stylist near you on the company website or order online to ensure your kids are ready to get decked out in their best for the holidays. Not only will every family picture look great, but your kids will still be able to run, play and have fun in clothes that feel even better than they look.

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33 thoughts on “Kids Are Always Picture Perfect and Ready to Play with Peekaboo Beans”

  1. Love these outfits. My problem with my oldest is that he is tall but so slim so it’s getting very hard to find pants that fit both in the leg and around the waist.

  2. Sounds like a great line of clothing, I wouldn’t have thought that the dressy shirt was a slip on, doesn’t look like it at all, I will have to check this site out!!

  3. Those are fantastic looking clothes. Especially that Historical Tee. My difficulty is that Q is tall and VERY slender. How do you think they’d fit?

    1. Hmm, that’s a tough one as far as the shirts are concerned. Fitting a long torso can be tricky and Benjamin’s small for his age so it’s hard for me to say! But as far as the pants go, I bet your guy would LOVE them. The drawstring is perfect for those slender kids that can’t get long pants to fit around the waist! (Plus of course it’s WAY more comfortable. Lol)

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