Invite a Magical Friend to Your House with The Irish Fairy Door Company-Giveaway

One of the things I loved most about Ireland was the eerie fairy tale-like quality of so many of its areas. Of course, most fairies originated in Ireland and when you’re driving through the winding roads surrounded by rock walls and trees, it’s easy to see why the magical sprites loved the area so much! While at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, we even had the chance to walk through a fairy village and see the homes of some of the country’s most popular residents. And I couldn’t help but wish we could bring a little fairy magic back to Canada with us when we left.

irish fairy door in box

Luckily, The Irish Fairy Door Company has created a way for me to do just that! This company knows that every house is happier when a fairy lives there, and its innovative fairy doors create a way for you to invite a fairy into your house to stay. Recently I received an Irish Fairy Door and a Playtime Accessory Set to review and I was so excited to introduce my boys to the magic of an Irish Fairy.

The Irish Fairy Door package contains an Irish Fairy Door, stepping stones, a magical key, a family/fairy lease agreement and a Fairy Welcome Guide storybook. The concept is simple: find a good spot for your fairy’s door, put it in place and leave the key outside. If the key is gone the next morning, a fairy has moved into your house! But the fun doesn’t end there. Once you have a fairy staying with you, hop online and register your fairy to receive exclusive stories and play ideas every week!

irish fairy door magic key

Of course, fairies love playing as much as kids do, so The Irish Fairy Door Company also offers adorable accessory sets for your fairy. I received the Playtime Accessory Set, a fun collection containing a bicycle, swing set, ladder and seesaw for our fairy to use. I love the fact that the fairy door not only adds a bit of magic to our house for the boys, but also acts as a fun and interesting conversation piece for guests!

If you love fairies as much as we do, I’ve got great news! The Irish Fairy Door Company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their very own Irish Fairy Door, a $40 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about why you’d love to have a fairy move into your house. And if you just can’t wait to add a fairy to your home, find Irish Fairy Doors at Mastermind Toys, and select other stores across Canada!

irish fairy door and playtime set

I love the way this fairy door has let me share a little bit of the fairy magic I felt in Ireland with my boys, and they love the chance to write notes, draw pictures and leave small gifts for their very own fairy. And of course, the fairy always responds! Best of all, the online updates let us all join in the magic of having a fairy in our house. If you’re a fan of all things magical, check out The Irish Fairy Door Company for yourself and see which door would be perfect for a fairy friend. The whole family is sure to love having a fairy come to stay!

Irish Fairy Door Company giveaway

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  1. Would love a fairy to move in! have always had a fascination with daughter also, we even built a few fairy gardens outside!

  2. My daughters and I love fairies! We often go on picnics and search amongst the flowers to see if we can spot any when they aren’t watching! They would love this so much!

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