Give Your Favourite Traveler the Gift of Safety with These 3 Master Lock Gift Ideas

Almost everyone has at least one die-hard traveler on their holiday shopping list and if you’re wondering what to get your favourite wanderer, Master Lock has some great choices for helping to keep travellers safe as they wander the world! Here are my top three choices for travel gifts this Christmas:

1) Master Lock 5900D Safe Space

master lock safespace in use

The Safe Space has always been one of my favourite Master Lock products. It’s portable, durable and is sized just right for keeping cash, passports and insurance paperwork secure, whether you’re heading out on a road trip or flying to another country. The cable cord lets you lock the Safe Space to an immovable item for extra security, while a simple four-digit code provides quick access to the contents when you need it.

2) Master Lock 4688D Travel Lock

master lock travel locks

These TSA-approved locks come in a rainbow of fun colours and make a great gift for that friend that’s always hopping on another flight. Designed to open with a simple three-digit combination, the locks can also be opened by TSA staff if needed when bags are going through security screening. And the flexible shackle makes these locks appropriate for all types of bags!

3) Master Lock 8300D Bike Lock

master lock 8300d bike lock

If you know a traveller that loves sports and adventure, having this handy bike lock in their suitcase is a must. It’s great for keeping a bike safe on local adventures around town, but is also incredibly handy for any trip that might have a person renting a bike to explore. With so many countries offering bike rentals as a healthy, economical and eco-friendly way to explore, having this bike lock packed in a suitcase means that travelers can stop when they wish to check out the sights without having to worry about their bike vanishing when they do.

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