Kids Love Getting Creative with Klutz Jr. Craft Kits

When I was in my early twenties, I decided I wanted to learn to knit. I found a Klutz craft book, a series I’d loved as a teen, with step-by-step instructions, a set of knitting needles and even a yarn needle for sewing.

A few weeks later, I’d made a scarf, a purse and even a little knitted rabbit toy! I’ve always thought Klutz books are a great choice for bringing out creativity for kids, teens and even adults in all kinds of ways and recently, the collection of craft books expanded to include a brand-new line for younger children four and up.

klutz jr. craft book kits

Klutz Jr. books and craft kits are perfect for smaller children that want to unleash their inner creativity and contain everything needed to create fun and unique kids art craft projects.

So far, the Klutz Jr. collection consists of four fun-filled kits: My Sparkly Tiaras, My Clay Critters, My Egg Carton Animals and My Hand Art.

I received a set of the four new titles to review for myself and with my boys home last Friday for a teacher’s development day, the timing was perfect to sit down and get creative with them!

klutz jr. my hand art set

First, we tried the Klutz Jr. My Hand Art kit. Containing a pad of patterned paper, crayons, glue, pompoms, googly ideas and an idea book, it was an all-in-one set that the boys couldn’t wait to dive into.

I loved that the idea book took the simple concept of hand tracing beyond the usual handprint turkey and used tracings of hands in different shapes to let kids create anything from dogs and cats to cars and trucks.

boy making hand art

The boys especially liked colouring in their creations after tracing and really let their imaginations run wild. Zackary even decorated his hand-traced semi truck with symbols from his little brother’s favourite band as a present to him!

A half-dozen drawings later, we took a break for lunch and then got ready to test out another kit, the Klutz Jr. My Clay Critters!

klutz jr. my clay critters

The air-dry clay that came in this kit was a big part of the appeal of this activity. It was soft, squishy and fun to work with, and I had as much fun as the boys rolling and shaping it into adorable fish and other sea creatures.

When the basic shapes were created, we used the included cardboard accessories and plastic eyes to create realistic little friends that the boys both loved.

Best of all, after letting the creations dry for a day or so, the sea creatures made perfect little playthings for the boys’ imaginary games!

klutz jr. crab

What impressed me most about the Klutz Jr. craft kits is that they were easy to use and still provided kids with the opportunity to branch out and explore their own creativity while making their creations.

Both the boys had a great time with these sets and while they do a great job of being age-appropriate for their younger target audience, my ten-year-old still had a great time with these crafts as well.

Find Klutz Jr. craft kits at stores across Canada now and see how easy and fun it can be to inspire your child’s imagination!

klutz jr. sea creatures

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  1. My daughter would get so much use out of the animal one!! Although I think at first she would pick the tiaras ;)

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