Help Your Family Minimize Cell Phone Radiation with the Lif3 Smartchip

Running a website for a living means that my phone is almost always in my hands. From checking emails to posting updates on Facebook and Twitter, having my phone close by means that I’m always connected, even when I’m out of the house or away from my laptop. But I must admit that I’ve often wondered about the potential health risks of having my phone beside me so much. And with my oldest son quickly approaching the age of receiving his first phone, I also have his safety in my mind!

lif3 smartchip

That’s why I found the concept of the Lif3 Smartchip so fascinating. This unique smartphone accessory has been proven through three different independent tests to reduce cell phone radiation by up to 99%. Each Smartchip is actually an ultra-thin printed circuit board sprayed with microwave-absorbing material. A radio frequency coupler then channels and disperses radiation out the back of the phone and away from the body. I love the fact that the Lif3 Smartchip is designed in a way that doesn’t interfere with the look and style of a phone and I was very excited when I had the chance to test it out for myself.

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I received the Lif3 Smartchip for the iPhone 6s. The chip has a silver colour which meant that it coordinated beautifully with my Space Gray phone. I was shocked to see just how thin it was and just as the Lif3 Smartchip promised, I was easily able to fit my clear protective case over the phone with no issues once the chip was in position. For those that love decorative cases, there’s no worry about ruining your phone’s look because of the Smartchip. And even without a case, the phone is still sleek and attractive with the Lif3 Smartchip in place.

But of course, its true benefit is in its ability to minimize a smartphone user’s exposure to radiation. I was shocked to learn that electromagnetic radiation from smartphones has already been linked to effects on immune, reproductive and nervous systems, and that the World Health Organization states that mobile phones are possibly carcinogenic and research is needed to prove they’re not causing harm. When it comes to the health of me and my children, I’d rather be safe than sorry!

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And as much as I feel like the Lif3 Smartchip is a smart choice for me, I believe it’s an even more important device for my children. While cell phones in Canada are required to emit a Specific Absorption Rate of less than 1.6 watts per kilogram, the restriction fails to consider the fact that a child’s brain absorbs up to twice the radiation of an adult. As a passionate supporter of the benefits technology brings to our society, I believe children should be taught how to use that technology. But I also want to ensure any potential negative effects of that use are minimized, and the Lif3 Smartchip is an easy and effective way to help with that.

Looking for other ideas on how to minimize your exposure to potential radiation when using your phone? Check out this great blog post from Lif3 Smartchip for some easy steps you can take to ensure your phone use is as safe as possible. Reading these tips taught me that radiation levels increase when the phone’s battery is low, so from now on, I’ll be making more of an effort to keep it charged up!

lif3 smartchip on iphone

The Lif3 Smartchip is available for a variety of different iPhone and Android smartphones and using it is as simple as removing the back adhesive and sticking it into place on the phone. Check out the entire collection to see if there are Lif3 Smartchips available for your family’s phones. This sleek little device is such an easy way to ensure your family’s exposure to cell phone radiation is as minimal as possible!

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95 thoughts on “Help Your Family Minimize Cell Phone Radiation with the Lif3 Smartchip”

  1. oh now this is cool! something i will have to keep in mind for when my girls are ready for a phone of their own!

  2. What a wonderful protective device. I recently read that you shouldn’t keep your cell phone on the night stand, next to your head, when sleeping. You have to minimize the risk as much as possible.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I think this is a great innovation. I’ve talked to my kids (all adults) about the fact of radiation since they insist on keeping their phones on them at all times but I’m sorry to say it just didn’t make an impression on them at all.

  4. Huh! I didn’t realize such thing existed and that cell phones gave off that much radiation.. Very much food for thought!

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