Fake a Perfectly Clean House with 3 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

As much as I love springtime, I absolutely dread spring cleaning. But I know that after a long winter, there’s dust in every nook and cranny, mud being tracked across the floors daily and far too many rooms that need to be thoroughly scrubbed. Luckily for me, my hardworking husband is compassionate about how much I hate cleaning and takes on most of the work of spring cleaning himself. But I still feel like I need to at least look like I’m helping him out! That’s why this year, I’m faking my way through spring with Clorox and Glad! Hate cleaning too? Here are three ways you can make your house look its best without hours of effort!

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1) Wipe it Down

During spring cleaning season, my husband will spend hours in each room with a bucket and rag, wiping down walls and furniture to get them clean and sparkling. I can see the difference and I know that nothing will do as good of a job as that heavy-duty cleaning. But to help keep the furniture and walls looking their best before and after that big cleaning job, I turn to Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. The disposable bleach-free wipes kill viruses and bacteria while cleaning and deodorizing hard surfaces. And best of all, quickly pulling one out of the canister to wipe up a mess couldn’t be easier! I like to keep them hidden in the living room entertainment center so that they’re always easily accessible.

2) Freshen It Up

Living with my husband has taught me that the feeling of a clean house is based only partly on what you see. The scent of a room contributes a lot to its overall clean feeling, and a fresh aroma lets even the most obsessive clean freak feel more comfortable in a less-than-pristine room. Glad Garbage Bags with Febreze Freshness are an easy way to keep the kitchen smelling fresh and they’ve been a must in my household arsenal for years now. The bags are infused with Febreze to help keep stinky garbage odours out of the room. For other easy ways to keep your home smelling fresh, try lighting a favourite scented candle or even just opening the windows to take advantage of the fresh outdoor air!

3) Get Rid of It

Learning this lesson wasn’t easy for me, since I’ve always felt that trinkets hold memories of favourite days. But the simple truth is that the less “stuff” there is in your house, the less cleaning there is to do. And clearing out clutter can be incredibly therapeutic! I like to start in the closets, getting rid of anything I haven’t worn in the last year. Then I move on to the boys’ bedrooms and gather outgrown clothes, books and toys. Finally, I’ll do an inventory of the kitchen and living room to remove any décor pieces I’m no longer loving. By the time I’m done, there’s less to clean and I have bags full of donations for those in need.

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Of course, there are times when I have no choice but to roll up my sleeves, put on the rubber gloves and get dirty. This year, I’ve been loving Clorox Disinfecting Bleach Foamer for the messiest of all cleaning jobs: the bathroom. The high-coverage foam removes soap scum without scrubbing and also disinfects the dirtiest surfaces, which makes it a great choice for everything from shower tiles to toilets! But for the most part, doing some light and easy maintenance has helped keep my house looking great without the effort. And that type of spring cleaning is simple enough that even I can handle it!

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