Having a Baby? Always Say Yes to These Offers of Help!

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As the oldest of five children, I had plenty of exposure to babies…and the work that they can create! I still remember helping my mom with things like changing diapers, walking my siblings in a stroller and even babysitting in the later years. So, when my oldest son was born, I felt pretty confident in my ability to take care of him. Then I realized just how exhausting motherhood really is!

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I still remember my earliest inexperienced moments of feeling like I needed to do everything, especially right after my baby was born. My mom came to visit and help for about a week after I’d given birth, and rather than accepting the help that was offered, I spent most of my time foolishly tiring myself out making sure the house was clean and meals were cooked so her visit would be pleasant! Luckily, I learned quickly that motherhood is much easier with a little help from family and friends. And now that I’m just two months away from the birth of my third son, I’m ready and willing to accept all the help that’s offered. Getting ready to become a mother for the first time? Make sure you always say, “Yes!” if people offer to help with any of these things!

Feeding the Baby

There’s no decision more personal than that of figuring out how to feed your newborn, but no matter what option is best for you and your little one, there are ways that your family and friends can help and support you! I was determined to breastfeed my babies, but I hadn’t expected it to be so challenging to figure out initially. My nipples cracked and bled, and I spent the first few days wiping away tears as I nursed. Of course, I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong, or if breastfeeding would get easier. A good latch? Milk coming in? What did that mean? Asking my mom and other adult friends for advice was invaluable and helped me persevere until I’d become a breastfeeding pro.

nuk simply natural freemie collection cups

When my boys were babies, I also occasionally used a breast pump to collect and store milk for times I was out and couldn’t feed my little one. I always hated how awkward it was to attach the pump and collect milk (as well as how obvious it was that I was pumping), so I can’t wait to try the new NUK Simply Natural Freemie Breastmilk Collection Cups after giving birth to our newest addition! These clever cups work with all leading breast pumps and allow for easy, discreet pumping and milk collection. The cups slip right into the bra and then connect to your pump so that you can relax and enjoy time with loved ones as you collect milk for your baby!

Cleaning the House

It’s a strange feeling having somebody else moving through your house and organizing your possessions but trust me, you will be glad you agreed to let somebody else tidy in those first few exhausted days of parenting! With my first baby, I tried to keep up on chores as I fed and cared for my little one and as a result, it took me over a month to finally feel like I’d recovered from childbirth. With my second, I’d learned my lesson. I accepted any offers of help and didn’t worry about my house looking perfect. Within just a week or so, the extra rest I’d had as a result had me feeling ready to dive back into my regular routine!

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And remember that help with the household can sometimes come from afar! Accept your foodie friend’s offer of a heat-and-eat meal for your family to save you time and worry in the kitchen. Use a portion of a generous monetary gift from family to hire a housekeeper for a few hours. No matter how you do it, taking advantage of ways to give yourself a break will make you happier and healthier…and that means a happier, healthier baby!

Babysitting Your Newborn

It’s only natural to be protective of your helpless little bundle of joy, and I was surprised just how nervous I was to let my baby out of my sight with my first child. When my mom offered to take my baby with her on a walk to the store in his stroller, a million scenarios of things that might go wrong ran through my mind. I pushed them away and said yes, and the half-hour of pure relaxation I then enjoyed made me realize just how necessary a little “me time” really is!

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For times I needed to leave my little one a little longer, I kept a few bottles on hand for feedings when I was away. But I always worried about my boys having issues with transitioning from breast to bottle and back. This time, I’ll be eliminating those worries with new NUK Simply Natural Bottles! Just like a woman’s breast, the nipple of this bottle has multiple holes for a milk flow that better mimics actual breastfeeding. And with three different flow rates, I can better match the bottles to the amount of milk my baby is drinking at the time!

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I couldn’t be more excited to welcome our new baby to our family this July, and I’ll be ready and willing to accept all the help that’s offered when we do! This time around, my husband’s parents will be coming to visit for a few weeks to help out and spend time with their new grandbaby. And while I know the compulsion to cook and clean for them is going to be strong, I’ll be pushing it aside and taking every helping hand they offer! In fact, I’m especially looking forward to spending at least one night out with my husband while our baby bonds with his grandparents!

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The new NUK Simply Natural collection is available now at Babies ‘R’ Us and online on Amazon.ca, and if you have a new baby in your life, you’ll definitely want to check out these products. Whether you’re going back to work right after giving birth, you want to occasionally share the joy of feeding Baby with your family or you have to take a few days off from breastfeeding due to illness, the NUK Simply Natural Freemie Collection Cups and Bottles make it easy to feed your little one in the way that’s best for you!

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  1. It can be hard to accept help, but I know I’ll be getting lots of help from my mom with cooking and cleaning.

  2. We are expecting our third and I’m a little anxious about being outnumbered, so I will definitely be accepting help when offered!

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