2017 Menswear Trends Every Man Will Enjoy

These days, many men are as involved in fashion as women are. This is great because it means that your significant other may be as interested in looking good and dressing well as you! It also means that there is a lot more choice when it comes to menswear. Every year sees new trends, and 2017 is no exception. As you will see, this year, there is a lot going on in the world of men´s fashion. So, if you want to know what your man can look forward to wearing for the rest of the summer, just read on.

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T-shirt Trends

Let’s start with a summer staple – t-shirts. Virtually every man wears them, so it’s not surprising they are a part of most collections. The vast majority of men’s t-shirts from jacamo.co.uk have some sort of design printed on them, which means that they are quite colourful. And as is often the case, sports themed t-shirts dominate. This year, baseball, American football and basketball designs are everywhere, as are US city logos, with New York t-shirts being available in most stores. The majority of retailers are mainly stocking short sleeved t-shirts, while overall lengths have got longer.

Jean and Trouser Trends

Perhaps the biggest change when it comes to pants is the fact that skinny jeans are no longer the most widely available cut. Both men´s and women´s jeans are getting baggier. The often neglected decade of the 90s appears to have finally come back into vogue and as a result, skin tight jeans and trousers are out and baggier (and some would argue more comfortable) cuts are in.

For those men who struggle to maintain a six-pack, this is very good news, because a lot of this year´s jeans are high waisted. They are a very forgiving cut that is particularly good at taming any extra inches you are carrying around the waist. Chinos are also proving popular. This wardrobe staple never completely goes out of fashion, but this year you can expect to see even more men wearing them.

Dress Shirts

T-shirts are always going to remain popular, but, in all likelihood, men will be wearing more dress shirts on the weekends. The majority of these simply cut shirts are likely to be worn tucked in rather than hanging out, another trend that has its roots in 90s fashion.

Shoe Trends

As one might expect, trainers remain the casual footwear of choice. But, the lines are cleaner and simpler than they were last year. Minimal or clean sneakers are set to be the most popular footwear option for 2017. For more formal wear, loafers are the go-to design. Initially, you will see them worn with suits. However, during the early 90s, everyone wore loafers with jeans, so you are likely to see that start to happen again. Hopefully the habit of wearing them with white or odd Day-Glo socks will not make a comeback.

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While the 90s trends currently making a comeback are pretty stylish, the decade also boasted some pretty strange trends that, fingers crossed, will not see the light of day again. Not old enough to know what I mean? Just take a look at this article. It covers both some of the best and some of the weirdest 90s fashion trends. Use the ones you like to choose stylish summer fashions for your guy and show off a bit of 90s nostalgia this year!

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