5 Tips for Traveling with a Wheelchair

Traveling has plenty of perks, but it also requires a lot of preparation. And that’s all the more true if you are in a wheelchair. The unexpected can happen during trips, and some events you may not be prepared for. For wheelchair users, the challenge is even greater, so you always need to think ahead and anticipate.

You deserve to have a great time on your vacation! So, to make the trip more enjoyable for yourself and everyone else that’s coming along on your trip, check out some of the tips for traveling with a wheelchair.

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  1. Find out if the place you’re going is really wheelchair-friendly – While there are many establishments that have aimed to make their businesses more accessible to those with a disability, it’s important to remember that not all are constructed according to the same standards. It’s a good idea to confirm exactly what the place looks like. When traveling to a foreign land, for example, or when opting to stay at an Airbnb over a hotel, contact the owner and ask for pictures so you can be assured that you will be able to maneuver yourself in the place.
  2. Make sure that your wheelchair is in the best condition – Your wheelchair is the one that will help you get around the place you’re visiting. If it is not in prime condition, it might cause some problems not just for you, but your companions as well. If you have not had any maintenance done on your wheelchair recently, have it checked to make sure that it can take the wear and tear of your trip.
  3. Invest in an electric chair – Traveling is supposed to be a time to be free from stress and just enjoy the sights. But depending on your destination, that may be more challenging if you only have a manual wheelchair. An electric wheelchair can be a much better choice for travel. You can explore without tiring yourself or your companions, and you can just enjoy your time with them. If you don’t own an electric chair, look into renting one at your destination.
  4. A foldable chair is more convenient – If you really love to travel, consider investing in a foldable wheelchair. It will be easier for yourself and others to manage and will help minimize stress when traveling with a wheelchair both by plane and by road. If you’re looking for a chair that is already foldable and electric, you can check out the KD Smartchair. The whole chair only weighs about 50 pounds and can handle many terrains so you can be assured that it is durable.
  5. Bring a repair kit if possible – Even if you make sure that your wheelchair is in prime condition, there may be moments when the unexpected happens. To prepare yourself, try to bring a wheelchair repair kit if possible. Your kit may be as easy as including some simple tools and some spare parts so that in case anything happens, you are ready for it.

Being in a wheelchair can sometimes mean missing out on great experiences, but it doesn’t have to! With a little preparation and research, you’ll be able to have a great time travelling the world and visiting all kinds of exotic places. Just remember that if issues do arise, staying calm and positive can help you get through the troubles and get back to enjoying your trip!

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