For Moving, Renovations and More, Life is Easier with a BigSteelBox

For the last four months or so, my husband and I have been eagerly involved in the process of building our forever house. Sitting on six acres of beautiful Saskatchewan prairie, it’s a dream in every way and we can’t wait to move in.

Because of that, we wanted to start organizing and preparing for the move so that when our house was ready, we could get into it as soon as possible. But with the house still under construction, there was no way to do that since we had no way to move and store our packed items.

Then we found the answer…in the form of a BigSteelBox!


BigSteelBox is an innovative company that offers customized storage solutions for individuals, families and businesses. Currently operating in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C., what makes the company so unique is its versatility.

Instead of having to bring items to a rented storage locker in one location, a BigSteelBox is dropped off right where I want it. Then, once the box is full, I can choose between moving it to a new location to empty it, storing it safely at a BigSteelBox storage facility or keeping it on my property until I’m done using it.


For our situation, keeping a BigSteelBox on the property where our house was being built was the ideal choice. We were offered a 20’ storage container and put it near the back of our property so that we could start filling it with items we didn’t need until we moved.

Of course, any storage solution needs to be secure, and the BigSteelBox ensured we had nothing to worry about. The boxes are guaranteed wind and waterproof, so we could be confident that even in the roughest Saskatchewan weather, our gear would be secure. And the clever lock box system ensured that the padlock we used was protected from bolt cutters to help deter potential thieves.

We started filling up the box right away and within a week, we’d cleared out our townhouse significantly. It was an immediate weight off our shoulders to know that when the time came to move into our house, we’d only have our essential items and larger pieces of furniture to move. In fact, my husband repeatedly told me that the BigSteelBox was the best thing I’d ever gotten to review!


BigSteelBox containers range in size from 8’ to 40’ to suit different needs and the staff of the company were always friendly and helpful. When our driver first brought our BigSteelBox to our property, he not only took extra time to help us find the perfect spot for the container, he also let us know that when parked on our property, we should always turn off our vehicles to minimize fire risk in the dry prairie grass.

Until you need a BigSteelBox, you don’t realize just how amazing having one can be. But our storage container really has been a lifesaver for us as we prepare for our life in the home we always wanted. From moving, to renovating, to clearing out clutter, there are all kinds of ways BigSteelBox can make your life easier.

Make sure to check out the storage containers website and see how the company and its storage containers can help you!

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16 thoughts on “For Moving, Renovations and More, Life is Easier with a BigSteelBox”

  1. I hadn’t heard of Big Steel Box until I read this review. Definitely something I would consider if we moved. I like the idea of renting for a month and being able to pack it up to move at your leisure.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    We had a 2 containers when we moved house as storage since the house sold quicker than expected and the building of our new one was delayed.

  3. we actually have never kept our things in storage although i know a lot of people who have and currently are because they are in between moves. love that you can bring one onto your property. something we make have to do when we redo the floor on the top floor

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