Sleep Easy with the Comfortable and Eco-Friendly Douglas Mattress-Giveaway

After trying a few different mattress types in my lifetime, I am now a lifelong fan of memory foam. The comfort, support and affordability are superior to any other mattress I’ve tried, and the Queen-sized Novosbed mattress I received to review last year even managed to convert my pillow-top loving husband to memory foam.

Now, the same company that created the Novosbed is back with an all-Canadian mattress that combines its eco-friendly design with unbeatable comfort and affordability: the Douglas mattress!

douglas mattress in box

The timing couldn’t have been better for me to test out the Douglas. The Queen-sized bed we had was already starting to feel too small thanks to my pregnant belly and with a new baby on the way, I knew that wasn’t going to change. I’d been thinking about making the upgrade to a King mattress, so I couldn’t wait to see how the Douglas mattress worked for us.

What I love about the Douglas mattress is its ship-to-the-door convenience and portability. I still remember the hassle of getting my very first Queen mattress up a full flight of stairs when I first bought it from a traditional furniture store decades ago. The Douglas mattress comes packed in a box that’s just 40″ high and can be fairly easily carried around by two people.

Once the box is opened, though, the magic begins! The mattress quickly begins to expand once taken out of the plastic and after a few hours, it’s full-sized and ready to use. I loved seeing how the mattress went from a compact rolled rectangle to a plush and comfortable sleeping surface once it was in place on our bed.

douglas mattress

Our newest addition was 11 days overdue, so he was a little larger than my previous babies when he was eventually born. As a result, I was in quite a bit of pain for the first couple of weeks after giving birth. And, of course, our new baby also demanded plenty of attention.

In those first few days, the Douglas mattress won our hearts. While the extra space compared to our previous Queen mattress was nice, it was the comfort and support of the mattress that really made it such an essential both for me and for baby. When I started feeling stiff and sore, just having a quick half-hour rest on our Douglas mattress made all the difference. And when I just couldn’t sit upright to nurse, the bed provided proper support for my baby so that I could lay down and still nurse comfortably.

My husband and I both also loved the eco-light cooling gel foam that helped keep the bed feeling cool and comfortable in the heat of a summer’s day. Our current house doesn’t have air conditioning and Saskatchewan has had an unusually scorching summer, so the extra bit of cooling from the Douglas has made a world of difference in helping us sleep in the heat.

If you’d love to try a Douglas mattress too, I have great news! The company is hosting a giveaway for a mattress of your choice right now. To enter to win, just fill out the form below. Please note that your information is being provided to Douglas, not to Mommy Kat and Kids, and that this giveaway may appear on other websites.

douglas mattress on bed

While there’s plenty to love about the Douglas mattress, perhaps the best feature of all is its price. Douglas mattresses start at just $649, with a King-sized mattress like the one I received costing only $899. And with a 120-night sleep guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that if the Douglas mattress isn’t for you, you won’t lose a dime. Check out the Douglas mattress today and see what you think of Canada’s new favourite mattress!

Douglas Free Mattress Competition

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