Keep Bones Strong and Remember Your Daily Calcium Supplement with These 5 Tips

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Did you know that one in three women will suffer a fractured bone due to osteoporosis in their lifetime? Or that both men and women start losing bone in their mid-thirties? November is Osteoporosis Awareness Month and as a mid-thirties woman, I’m happy not just that awareness is being brought to the disease, but that I’m leaning more about it as well.

As a fairly healthy woman, I try my best to make sure that I’m getting all the nutrients I need, including daily calcium and Vitamin D. And having just had a baby, I was extra vigilant about my daily dose of calcium the entire time I was pregnant.

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But now that Baby Cormac has arrived, I have found that I’m not as good about remembering to get the calcium I need. With my baby taking up so much of my time, remembering to take two separate vitamins (my multi and my calcium) at different times seems to be more than I can manage!

So, what’s a new mom with a bad case of mom brain to do? Here’s my bullet-list of techniques that may help you remember to take that daily dose of calcium!

  • Leave it In Sight – Putting the bottle on the counter so that I notice it always helps jog my memory.
  • Set an Alarm – Having an alarm on your phone just for your vitamins may seem excessive, but it’s a great way to make sure you don’t forget.
  • Pack Them With Lunch – If you take a lunch to work every day, remembering that vitamin can be as simple as adding it to your lunch bag.
  • Create a Routine – My basic routine is to have my daily calcium and a probiotic first thing in the morning. Then I have my prenatal multivitamin and Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgel with supper.
  • Use a Pillbox – The problem with routines and alarms is that there are times I’m just not home when my regular vitamin times roll around. By packing extra vitamins in a pretty pillbox in my purse, I’m still able to stick to my schedule.

Looking for a great daily calcium supplement? My personal favourite is Orange Naturals Bone Health Advanced. In addition to calcium, it features Vitamin D, Vitamin K and magnesium to give your bones all the support they need.

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And if you’re wondering about your osteoporosis risk, visit this link and take the quiz to see if you should be taking steps to maintain or increase your bone density. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to the health of your bones! Wondering what other vitamins and minerals you and your family should consider? Check out this Orange Naturals blog post!

Remembering to take some time ensuring my own health isn’t always easy, especially with three boys to worry about as well! But with a few tricks and my arsenal of health products from Orange Naturals, I’m confident that I’m doing the best I can for my body to help ensure my future health.

33 thoughts on “Keep Bones Strong and Remember Your Daily Calcium Supplement with These 5 Tips”

  1. I always thought my bones were strong until I broke my arm and shoulder a few years back. I had to start taking calcium vitamins and always forget. Thanks for these tips. It will help me to remember.

  2. I never remember to take my Vitamins , i need to add them to my Daily pill case so i don’t forget , thanks for sharing :)

  3. The key is to find a system that works for you! I use little condiment cups and fill it daily with my meds for the day.. it’s the only way i remember.

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