Five Essential Gift Ideas for New Babies

With Cormac in the house, I’ve been having a blast discovering some new baby essentials that I never knew I needed. Products have changed a lot since my older two boys were babies, and stocking my house with the best of them has been so much fun. If you’re in search of gift ideas for new babies, or just want to check out some fun new products for your little one, these five items are sure to be a hit.

Baby Butz Cream


This diaper cream is the ultimate in protecting my baby’s delicate skin and preventing diaper rash. Putting it on is a bit of a trick…this stuff is sticky! But just a bit is enough to ensure my baby’s skin is protected from irritation. And once it’s on, it works all day to keep Cormac’s bottom feeling comfortable. Plus, Baby Butz Cream is 100% natural!

The Birthday Thief Personalized Book


Looking for the perfect gift to celebrate a new baby’s birth? The adorable personalized book The Birthday Thief from Wonderbly takes little ones on a rhyming adventure to find a missing birthday. The book lets children discover the day, month and year that make up their own special day. Given to a new baby, it’s a special keepsake that will last a lifetime.

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer


I once thought wipe warmers were over-the-top products that were a bit of a needless indulgence. But after seeing how sad cold wipes made my little one during diaper changes, I changed my mind. After all, I wouldn’t want a freezing cold cloth on my bottom either! The Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer has made diaper changes one of my baby’s favourite events, and it features a handy nightlight for nighttime changes too!

Estella NYC Onesies


Baby fashions for boys have come a long way, but there still isn’t as much variety and style as baby girls’ collections tend to have. That’s why I love finding fun and unique pieces to add to my little one’s wardrobe. And the NYC-themed onesies from Estella NYC are perfect for that! Featuring iconic New York symbols including a taxi, a pretzel and more, they’re a cute and kitschy choice for boys and girls alike.

Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash


Gentle enough for Baby and indulgent enough for Mom, the all-natural Shampoo & Body Wash from Honest Company is made with natural and nourishing ingredients to turn a baby’s bath into a spa-like experience we both love. The products come in four different scents including Dreamy Lavender and Sweet Orange Vanilla, so that I can choose the one that I find most soothing to make bathing my baby especially blissful.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, remember that any of these items make great Christmas gift ideas for new babies. Find them online or at select stores across North America!

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37 thoughts on “Five Essential Gift Ideas for New Babies”

  1. I have always wanted to try products from the Honest Co., I have heard wonderful things! Wipe warmers are great too! :)

  2. Great products , i would love to try the hair care products , they sound amazing , i really need to look into the honest company , i have never ever tried their products :)

  3. Debbie White Beattie

    You’ve picked some great products but my favorite is the honest company because it’s hard to find products that aren’t full of chemicals

  4. Such a great selection of items!! I would love to try the products from The Honest Company. I have heard so much about that company but have yet to try anything from them

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