Protect Your Home and Keep Your Family Powered Up with a Champion Generator-Giveaway

About a month ago, my family moved into the newly built house that my husband and I have been labouring over for the last five months. It sits on six acres of beautiful prairie land in a subdivision just outside Saskatoon, and is everything we dreamed it would be.

For the most part, everything about the move has been wonderful. But even though we’re in a subdivision, we are still technically on a rural property. And that comes with some challenges. We waited for an Internet connection for over five weeks. We have a septic system instead of a sewer line. And, being in a rural area, I know that power outages are going to be much more common.


Luckily, Champion Power Equipment has come to the rescue to help me ensure a power outage doesn’t mean it’s lights out for the family! The company sent me its 3000-Watt Generator featuring a gasoline-powered 196cc engine and 4000 starting Watts to help ensure that even if our house loses power, we’ll be able to function.

Champion generators are suitable for situations ranging from whole home power in an emergency to simply powering up tools in a shop. Since different needs require different generators, the Champion website offers a handy Generator Selector quiz that I highly recommend. Just provide some simple info on what you’ll be powering with the generator, and Champion will give you product recommendations perfect for the job!


For our house, being able to power the essentials in an emergency was the biggest concern. My top priorities were making sure the sump pump kept running if needed, to prevent basement flooding, and ensuring the refrigerator keeps its power so food won’t spoil.

The Champion 3000-Watt Generator does that and more, with enough power and outlets to also run lights, our modem and router, and even a television! The other electronics may not be as essential, but they’ll certainly be appreciated by my restless boys if the power is out for very long!


With up to ten hours of runtime, I’m confident that this generator will give us power for as long as we need it. And perhaps my favourite feature is the wheels on the back of the unit that let me easily put it in the best possible position for use. This little feature means that we’ll be able to roll out the generator to power up landscaping equipment on our acreage this spring, as well as using it for back-up power.

Champion generators come with a variety of great features for different needs, from dual-fuel generators that run on either gasoline or propane to wireless remote-start models that can be started and stopped from up to 80 ft. away. The generators range from $299 to $1100 ARV depending on the model and are available at stores across Canada including Costco and Canadian Tire.


And to help you purchase your perfect generator, Champion is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a $50 Canadian Tire gift card! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about why you’d love to have a generator for your household.

Being in our new house has been so much fun already, and knowing that I don’t have to worry about our home being damaged during a power outage has let me enjoy every minute of my time on our six acres of land. Whether you’re in a rural area like we are or just want the peace-of-mind that comes with having power even when your neighbourhood doesn’t, Champion is there to help. Check out the full range of Champion generators and see which one is perfect for your family and your needs!

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162 thoughts on “Protect Your Home and Keep Your Family Powered Up with a Champion Generator-Giveaway”

  1. We have had several bad storms over the past few years which cause the power to go out. It would be great to have this for emegencies.

  2. We need a generator because when the hydro goes out our sump pump stops and that means having a flood in the basement, which is not good!!

  3. Debbie White Beattie

    I would love a generator because I use a power wheelchair and if the hydro is out for an extended amount of time I’ll have no way to charge my chair. I also live in a rural area and we need a pump to bring the water through the house so if no power we have no water.

  4. I would love to have one just to put my mind at ease! So that we are prepared in case of a power outage and we need more than just a couple of candles

  5. Florence Cochrane

    I love to have a generator for our household for emergencies. It is very common for us to lose the power where I live in NL during a snow or ice storm.

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