Enjoy Wine Any Time with a PortoVino Wine Purse-Giveaway


You’ve seen it go viral on Facebook. You’ve watched videos about it. You’ve probably talked about it with friends. But have you ever actually considered buying a PortoVino wine purse that hides and stores up to two bottles of wine inside?

When I had the chance to review a PortoVino bag, I simply couldn’t resist. For one thing, the bags themselves are gorgeous! I chose the blue purse; the striking colour and creamy faux leather won my heart at first glance. But I also wanted to see just how the bags worked, and how handy I might find them!

Handy insulated pocket…

And plenty of room for essentials!

When the purse arrived, it was every bit as beautiful as it had looked in photos. I could also tell at a glance that it would hold a lot more than just wine. Since I pack a fair bit into my purse, I was happy to see that I’d still be able to bring all my essentials when using the PortoVino.

The pocket that holds the refillable wine bag is insulated, so a white wine fan like me can enjoy a drink at the perfect temperature. Filling it is as simple as removing the spout from the wine bladder, pouring in the wine and screwing the spout back into place. Then the bladder gets popped into the insulated pouch, ready for when you want it!


Being somebody that loves the outdoors, I immediately thought of all kinds of fun times to use my PortoVino bag. From a weekend picnic to a day at the beach, being able to have a leisurely drink any time I like when away from my fridge is pure bliss.

And since my husband and I visit our nearby family members and friends fairly often, the PortoVino is also a great way to bring along our drinks for the night without having to worry about carrying or breaking a glass bottle. Instead, I can just pack up my purse and enjoy drinks with ease.



But what I discovered I loved most about the PortoVino wine purse is that I could use it for other beverages too! As a beach bag or at kids’ sporting events, filling the pouch with juice or cold water for my boys eliminates the need to pack juice boxes or water bottles. I just toss a couple of our collapsible camping cups into my purse for serving and I’m set!

Want to see for yourself just how handy a PortoVino purse can be? PortoVino is offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their choice of any PortoVino wine purse, up to a $90 value! To enter to win, leave a blog comment about which purse you would choose if you won.


I can’t wait to use my PortoVino purse when my oldest son’s baseball season starts up. Tournaments often have me sitting outside for hours watching the games, and I can never seem to pack enough water bottles to last. Now I can fill my purse with cold water and be ready to keep myself and my boys hydrated all day!

Whether you’re looking for a multi-tasking beach bag or the ultimate accessory for your next ladies’ get-together, the PortoVino wine purse has you covered. Order yours online now and see just how versatile and fun the PortoVino really is!

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