My Top 5 Must-Haves for Baby’s First Sniffles

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There’s so much to love about a little one’s first Christmas season, and I enjoyed plenty of fun and festive moments with Baby Cormac this year. Having a baby in the house makes holidays even more magical, and our entire family loved every minute of it.

At only four months old, Cormac was still too young for some of the holiday highlights, like traditional festive food and waiting for Santa. Yet he loved looking at the colourful Christmas tree, playing with the jingling bells we had around the house and, most of all, seeing all his extended family members!


But while Christmas with a baby was non-stop fun, winter with a baby can be significantly more challenging. From the extra time and effort of bundling up my baby before going outside to the worries about him catching a cold, I can’t help but sometimes wish we lived in summer warmth all year long.

Cormac had a healthy winter right up until January and then got his first real cold after a holiday season spent visiting dozens of extended family members. Luckily, I made sure to stock the house with essentials that I always find myself using when my little one ends up with the sniffles. When it comes to helping my baby feel comfortable, I don’t want to be scrambling for what I need! These are my five top must-haves:


Infant Fever-Reducing Medicine – No matter what type of pain and fever-reducing medication you choose for your baby, this is one of those products that you don’t want to be caught without. It’s handy when baby is uncomfortable or running a fever because of a cold, and also useful for teething and other milestones. Make sure to keep records of your baby’s weight so that you can quickly determine the proper dose!

hydraSense Baby Nasal Care – hydraSense is designed to relieve congestion with naturally-sourced seawater that’s available in either Easydose individual use vials handy for taking on the road or an Ultra-Gentle Mist bottle that’s more convenient for home use. Since we made some trips to visit family during the holidays, I had a couple of the Easydose vials in my purse. Even when Cormac isn’t sick, his nose tends to get stuffy quite often. Having these bottles on hand means that I can relieve his congestion even away from home.


Humidifier – A humidifier helps to add moisture to the air so that mucus doesn’t thicken and clog little nostrils quite as badly. And it also can help relieve sore throats and even dry skin caused by the harsher winter weather. Don’t have a humidifier? A pot of simmering water on the stove can provide similar benefits, and you can even add a few cinnamon sticks for some soothing fragrance as well!

Thermometer – It can be very frustrating for a mom to think her baby might have a fever, but not be able to tell for sure. That’s why an easy-to-use thermometer is such a must for parents with new babies. I prefer digital ear thermometers since they take readings quickly and are easy to use. Already have a digital thermometer? Make sure to check the batteries when winter arrives so it will be ready if you need it!

hydraSense Nasal Aspirator – When a stuffy nose is making Baby uncomfortable, a nasal aspirator can help by gently removing mucus from the nasal passageways. The little device is gentle and simple to use. Just insert a filter into the filter chamber, place the end of the aspirator in baby’s nostril and gently inhale into the other end of the tube to draw out mucus.


Even though Cormac didn’t get his first cold until recently, he has been congested quite often since he was born. And with the colder weather, his stuffiness has been much more noticeable. I’ve been pleased with how effective the hydraSense Ultra-Gentle Mist has been for clearing out his nostrils and helping him breathe easier.

Of course, every parent hopes that their little ones will make it through the winter months without catching a cold or getting the sniffles. But if you do have a little one that’s congested, hydraSense products are a gentle and effective way of helping to clear nasal passages and help a little one breath easier. Find them online and at stores across Canada so you’re ready to make your baby comfortable if congestion strikes.

31 thoughts on “My Top 5 Must-Haves for Baby’s First Sniffles”

  1. Even though I don’t have a baby anymore, I can pass this great information on to someone who does. I wish some of these products were around when my daughter was a baby.

  2. It is so sad when a child get’s sick. I would usually sit in the rocking chair with the vaporizer and a blanket over the baby and vaporizer. Then after a while slowly remove the blanket to let the cool air in so they would not get the cold air to quick. It was about 1hr process but worth is.

  3. I absolutely love the hydraSense Baby Nasal Care. It made life so much easier and helped my girls so much during their first year. We still use hydraSense products to this day. Thanks for this post and reminder. I am pregnant with #3 and it has been a few year lol. One tends to forget these things

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