Tips and Advice on Choosing the Best Baby Bottle for Your Little One

Baby gear has come a long way over the years, and that’s especially true of baby bottles. The standard bottle has evolved from a clunky and somewhat dangerous glass bottle to a lightweight and shatterproof plastic design with an infinite number of specialty shapes, nipple designs and sizes.

While some women do manage to stick solely to breastfeeding a little one, the vast majority of parents will use baby bottles at some point…even if only when a baby is finally old enough for other beverages! So choosing a bottle that works well for you and for your baby is a must.


Why Use a Baby Bottle?

Ideally, babies should be exclusively breastfed for at least six months. But there are still occasions when mothers need to have a bottle handy, whether because mom is still working or just enjoying a night out.

Thankfully, affordable and easy-to-use breast pumps mean that Baby can still get the breast milk he needs. Make sure to use a baby bottle that protects the breast milk quality! And when your little one is older, a baby bottle is handy for letting him drink water, milk or juice before he is able to use a cup.

What Kind of Bottle is Best

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to finding the best baby bottle. But no matter what brand you choose, a good baby bottle should have some features no matter what.

It should be comfortable, and include an anti-mastitis breastfeeding latch. It should be made of high-quality, BPA-free material and be easy to use. And, perhaps most important, the perfect baby bottle should have multiple sizes and nipple designs to suit babies at different ages.

Tips for Bottle Feeding a Baby

While some babies may be happy to hold their own bottle as they eat, bottle feeding should still be a time to bond with Baby, so make sure to still play an active role!

Keep a proper hold on the bottle to help minimize the air that is swallowed, especially if your baby suffers from colic. And make sure that bottles and nipples are properly sterilized for newborns!

Benefits of Baby Bottles

There are so many occasions when using a baby bottle makes life a little bit easier for a busy mom. But while baby bottles can also help feed Baby when Mom is away, they also give a dad and extended family members the chance to bond with baby a little bit more.

While Mom takes a break, Dad gets the chance to interact with the baby in a very special way. If your little one uses a baby bottle, consider handing over one feeding a day to a family member.

If you’re not a fan of pumping, check out this comparison of Hipp vs. Holle organic formula to see if one would be a good supplement to your breastfeeding routine.


With so many different baby bottles to choose from, finding the best baby bottle for your little one can take some trial and error. If you also breastfeed, make sure the nipple flow on the bottle mimics the slower flow of breast milk.

And if you’re planning on bottle feeding often, choosing a bottle with a design that’s comfortable to hold is a must. In the end, a bottle that you and your baby both enjoy is the most important consideration of all.

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