Protecting My Boys During Days Outside with New Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids

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Summer has arrived early in Saskatchewan this year, and I couldn’t be happier about it! We’ve spent the warm weather planting trees, building our deck and watching our boys’ sports games. But all our time outdoors means that sunscreen is a must!

This year, Banana Boat gave me the chance to test out its new Simply Protect Kids sunscreen, and it sounded like it would be a great choice for my outdoor-loving boys. So, when both my older boys ended up with sports tournaments on the same weekend, I made sure the sunscreen was packed in our bag before we left the house.


This fabulous new Banana Boat Simply Protect sunscreen is a creamy lotion that feature 25% fewer ingredients, including no parabens, oxybenzone or added fragrances and oils. It provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, and even boasts a tear-free formula that’s gentle on little eyes.

When we got to our first sports game of the day, my middle son Benjamin’s flag football game, I set up our chairs and then got out the lotion to use on him and Baby Cormac. At ten months old, protecting the baby’s skin is a top priority for me right now.


I loved the fact that this Banana Boat sunscreen could be used on infants as young as six months, because it meant that I only needed one bottle of sunscreen for all three boys. I applied the lotion and was also impressed by how easily the sunscreen rubbed into the skin.

But of course, my biggest priority with any sunscreen is that it provides long-lasting and complete protection. I was keeping an especially close eye on my fair-skinned baby. And I was happy to see that even after a full two hours of playing outside, he didn’t have even a hint of a burn.


Both my older boys have some minor allergies, so I was also happy to see that their somewhat sensitive skin wasn’t irritated by the Banana Boat lotion. In fact, it seemed to leave their skin feeling softer and more nourished after use!

This new formula has been a great choice for our family, especially since it works so well for everyone from my husband to the baby. When we go on vacation in a few weeks, my Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids sunscreen is going to be a must in my luggage for those lazy days by the pool.

I’ve always felt that choosing the right sunscreen was a very personal thing. Finding a formula that has the ingredients, coverage, protection and gentleness I want can be a challenge! Luckily, Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids lotion has everything I want and nothing I don’t, making it the perfect choice for my precious little ones.

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  1. Denis Dudley MD.

    This is a terrible sunscreen – it may not have oxybenzone but it has butyloctyl salicylate another small MW hydrocarbon at 306 Daltons – will enter blood although it is only an inactive in low concentrations – repeat application will result in tissue levels as it is fat soluble- like its structural cousin oxybenzone it is a weak estrogen, as is parabens. It is used here as an aspirin congener to prevent skin redness that masks the sunburn that will occur because of its false SPF. The real life SPF cannot be any higher than about 20 (in silico) and its UVA-PF (UVA Protection Factor) is only about 7-8 and is poorly protective against skin cancer and photoaging. To achieve adequate UVA protection this sunscreen should have at least 20% zinc oxide with or without 5 to 7.5% titanium dioxide. The Vitamin E is not good applied to skin, contrary to popular belief as it is a sensitizer like aloe vera. A step in the right direction but ineffective at this low active ingredient load. If you really want to protect your kids – look for the clear dispersions with 20% or more of zinc oxide and avoid those with undesirable in-actives like essential oils and plant extracts.,

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