Summer Sports with the 2018 Ford Escape Titanium

Testing out a new Ford vehicle is always a treat, but it’s especially enjoyable in the spring! Finally getting out of the house after a long winter and cruising in a beautiful new car is the best way to say goodbye to cold weather for the next few months.

So, when Ford Canada offered me the chance to take the 2018 Ford Escape Titanium for a week-long test drive, I couldn’t have been happier. And as luck would have it, I ended up receiving the vehicle during the same week my boys had eight different sports games over a two-day period!


The new 2018 Ford Escape Titanium is packed with family-friendly features that make it the perfect vehicle for packed weekends, road trips and running errands. The blind-spot alert ensures that when a vehicle is in the car’s blind spot to help avoid accidents. Curve Control applies automatic brakes if a curve is taken too fast. And the rear view camera lets the vehicle get in and out of the tightest spots with ease.

When Saturday morning arrived, we loaded up all three boys, blankets, a cooler packed with food and snacks, a diaper bag for the baby and all the needed sports gear. Everything fit in the back of the Escape with room to spare, and I could tell that this vehicle could handle a huge grocery trip with ease.


But as roomy as the back hatch was, it was the roominess in the back seat of the vehicle that really impressed me. When the baby’s car seat is in a vehicle, the two older boys can often end up a little cramped. In the Ford Escape, all three boys had plenty of room to stretch out and relax on the way to the first game.

When a sudden rainstorm later in the day had us running for the vehicle carrying our lunch with us, we were once again able to enjoy the roominess of the vehicle as we finished our picnic inside the car. We put on the boys’ favourite SIRIUS satellite radio station and enjoyed great tunes as we ate.


Since the boys are in different sports, we moved around to four different locations throughout the day. And having a vehicle that was so packed with safety features made the driving a pleasure instead of a chore.

My personal favourite safety feature is the Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support. When driving, if I approach another vehicle too quickly, the vehicle will alert me and slow the car down automatically. Similarly, Adaptive Cruise Control will gently move the vehicle back into the center of the lane if I start to drift to the side. The intuitive features have me eagerly anticipating testing out Ford’s first self-driving cars!


The next morning, we were up at sunrise again and ready to head out for another day of sports. Since Ford Canada had challenged us to do a little good while driving the Escape, we decided to treat Zackary’s baseball team to a special pre-game breakfast…Timbits! Then it was time to settle in for another day of driving to different sports in style and comfort.

If a vehicle that’s perfect for a busy family is a priority for you, the 2018 Ford Escape Titanium is one that you’ll want to take for a test drive! It offers the easy driving and manoeuverability of a car with all the power and roominess of a large SUV.


The Ford Escape made our weekend out of the house so much more enjoyable, and I loved how ideal it was for our travels. Check out the vehicle at your local Ford dealership and see if it may be the perfect accessory to all your family adventures.

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