The Best New Summer Products for Babies and Kids

Finding fun new products for my boys that will help make summer more enjoyable is a top priority for me once school ends.

That’s why I love to round up all the hottest new products I’ve tested and tried, in case other parents find them handy as well! These are the five products that are my current favourites for babies to big kids:

1) bblüv Nido Travel & Play Tent


This pop-up play tent is perfect for camping, visiting the beach and any other outdoor activities you might have planned. What I loved most about it was the size. Unlike many pop-up bassinets, the Nido is big enough that even my one-year-old can sit in it happily with a few of his toys.

And the play tent packs up in a flash and fits into a convenient carrying case for the portability I want. Find it in toy and baby stores across North America; learn more at

2) Feltman Brothers Sailor Bobby Suit


I’ve always loved finding fun fashions for my boys, and this adorable sailor suit from Feltman Brothers was simply irresistible!

Perfect for playing on a dock by the water or heading out for a day of fun at a festival, it has a handy button-together design that helps make dressing a squirmy little one easy. And compliments on your baby’s style are pretty much guaranteed!

Find this outfit and other adorable vintage styles online at

3) Baby Gourmet Shakers and Puffies


For keeping my boys powered up on the go, products from Baby Gourmet have always been a top choice. And the company’s new Shakers and Puffies are perfect for babies to big kids!

My one-year-old loves sipping on a chocolate or vanilla Shaker when we’re on the go, and I love that each bottle is made with wholesome whole milk and contains 25 vitamins and minerals. And when the boys want a light snack, all three of them enjoy the Strawberry Beet Puffies!

With probiotics and quinoa, they’re great as a baby’s finger food and so tasty that big kids will eat them too! Learn more at

4) Xpand Laces


These genius laces feature a unique elastic design that eliminates the need to tie lace-up shoes.

While tying laces is an essential skill that every kid should learn, there are times I find laces have either been put on shoes too small for the child to feasibly learn tying…and other times I simply want to speed up the process of leaving the house!

For my oldest son’s baseball cleats and my middle son’s outdoor shoes, Xpand Laces ensured that the boys could pull on their shoes in a second and get playing faster. Find them online at

5) Jakks Pacific Master a Million Ball


To keep my older boys entertained this summer, I’m giving them a mission to make a million…bounces, that is! The new Jakks Pacific Master a Million ball has a unique counter that will track each bounce and display it on the ball’s screen all the way up to one million bounces.

For even more fun, kids can plug the ball into a smartphone with the included cord, and then download the official app to track their progress and even see how they stack up against other bouncers! Find the Master a Million ball in stores now, or learn more at

6) QPAU Inflatable Swimming Pool

qpau inflatable pool

Nothing beats the summer heat quite like a swimming pool! As a BPA-free, extra-large size pool, the inflatable Qpaul pool is one of many great kid-safe pools available for summertime fun.

It’s easy to inflate, ideal for younger kids that love water, and still big enough for adults to lounge in. This is one of the best kids pools out there, and only one of many great options that’ll make your kids’ summer a little cooler!

With a little help from these new summer products for babies and kids, my three boys have had a fun-filled summer full of cute photo ops, fun snacks and plenty of playtime.

Check them out and grab one or two for your family to help make summer even better!

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