How to Turn That Fancy Dress Into a Fantastic-Looking Halloween Costume

With Halloween not far away, my thoughts are turning to creating costumes for everyone in the family. I find that the sooner I get started, the easier things are. I’m a big believer in making costumes whenever possible to save money. But sewing and gluing last-minute until the early hours of the morning can easily ruin one of my favourite holidays.

Luckily, I’m often able to find everything I need for an amazing costume in my own closet! Try these tips to help you turn your favourite dresses into fantastic Halloween wear!

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Rework Your Little Black Dress

Using something you already own is a great way to make an environmentally friendly Halloween costume. Plus, of course, taking that approach will leave you with more money to spend on treats.

So, why not take that special occasion dress that you have not worn for years and turn it into a Halloween costume? After all, special dresses come in a huge range of cuts and styles, which makes it really easy to create a period-themed costume.

For example, a black dress can easily be transformed into a great looking witch’s outfit. A shiny sequined number has the potential to be turned into a movie star’s costume. If you have a long, black embellished mesh dress, you only need a long pair of white gloves and the appropriate necklace to turn yourself into Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic. Honestly, it is a lot easier than you think.

For tons of inspiration, get online! Movie sites, Instagram and Halloween costume shops are all excellent places to get costume ideas for women.

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Consider Repurposing a Dress That’s Too Small

Even a black dress that no longer fits has the potential to be reworked. You can simply use fabric from another garment to make it big enough and create the Halloween look you want at the same time. (Black fabric sewn into a yellow dress make an adorable bumblebee!) If you have a dress with a zip in the back, adding panels on either side is normally the best approach.

And if you’re not confident enough in your own sewing to alter your outfit, consider swapping talents with a friend! While she’s creating an adorable Halloween look for you, you can be cooking up your special Halloween popcorn balls or making her some adorable homemade Halloween decorations. It is surprising how much more you can get done by pooling your talents.

If you are only going to be wearing your dress for one night, don’t be scared to take some shortcuts. For example, using fabric glue rather than sewing will save tons of time and effort. Look actively for shortcuts that will make creating your costume as easy as possible.

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Add the Right Accessories

Now, all you have to do is to find the right accessories. Start by raiding your own closet. If you do not have what you need, try your local charity shops and sites like eBay or Etsy.

Remember to think outside the box! Sometimes great costume ideas for women can be as simple as slipping on a favourite dress, then adding an apron, hair curlers and a whisk. Behold, your frazzled housewife costume is complete!


More Halloween Costume Tips and Tricks

For even more suggestions, tips and tricks to help you to create the perfect Halloween costume, check out my tips for a budget Halloween! In addition to helping you put together an affordable costume, you’ll get tips on saving money on other popular Halloween expenses.

And if that perfect costume you created doesn’t fit quite right, check out this article from Halloween Express! It has some great tips on how to make adjustments to get your costume fitting the way you want.

While I still occasionally splurge on a special costume for myself or my boys, I’ve honestly come to love the challenge of coming up with costume ideas for women with items I already own. And with a little ingenuity, I can create almost any look I want with the items in my own closet!

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