5 Things I Learned About Our House’s Air Quality Thanks to the Philips Series 2000i Air Purifier

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Over the last few months, I’ve been reviewing the Philips Series 2000i Connected Air Purifier and sharing my thoughts. Since my two oldest boys both have mild to moderate environmental struggles with airborne allergens, I was thrilled to have the opportunity.

Now, having had a purifier in each of my boys’ rooms for some time, I’ve realized that Philips hasn’t just improved our indoor air quality…it’s taught me a lot about our air as well!

If you have family members that are sensitive to dust, dander or other airborne allergens, you’ll want to check out the five things I learned thanks to our Philips air purifier!


1. Carpet Makes a Big Difference in Air Quality

When we moved our purifiers from the main floor of the house to our boys’ bedrooms, I was shocked by how much the air quality changed. The house is only a year old and we clean the bedrooms as often as we clean the main floor. Yet the air quality downstairs was consistently better.

The only real difference between the upstairs and the main floor is carpeting. The second story is carpeted, while the main floor has laminate.

The Philips Series 2000i monitors the indoor air quality and assigns it a number, with 1 indicating the best quality and 12 indicating the poorest. Seeing the higher number (usually between 4 and 6) right on the control panel of the purifier was the motivation I needed to start vacuuming more often.

Should we decide to renovate in the future, I’ll also be choosing hard flooring for the bedrooms. While I do like the coziness of carpet, it’s not worth lowering the air quality for my family

2. Pets Don’t Affect Air Quality As Much As I Expected

We recently added not one, but two pets to our house, and we all love our rescue dog, Hades, and our Bengal kitten, Hermes. But I was a little worried about one of my boys suddenly starting to react to the animal hair and dander that’s been introduced to our house.

Yet to my delight, the effect that the pets had on the indoor air quality was fairly minimal! Part of that, I’m sure, is that we only allow the animals on the main floor, where their hair can be easily swept up off the hard floors.

But I still expected to see a big change in the air quality on the main floor when the animals were, for example, being petted right in front of the purifier. And while the air quality number did increase, it usually only went from a one to about a three.

In other words, the air quality downstairs, even with the pets cavorting, was still better than in the carpeted upstairs bedrooms! I appreciated knowing that with a bit of planning, and by setting certain pet-friendly areas, having animals in the house wouldn’t negatively affect my boys’ breathing.


3. Cleaning Is Essential For Good Air Quality

While I’ve always been pretty disorganized, my husband loves cleanliness. He does most of the cleaning in the house and has gradually managed to partially convert me from my previous messy lifestyle, too.

But after receiving the Philips air purifier, I learned that in addition to the overall pleasure a clean house brings, tidying up was essential for keeping our indoor air quality as good as it could be!

I realized that any time I dusted or vacuumed near the air purifier, the air became worse because of the dust that was being disturbed and removed from the room. Thinking about how much dust, dander, pet hair and other dirt I was taking out of our environment made cleaning much more rewarding!

I also noticed that after cleaning, the air quality in the room was always better than it had been before. In the boys’ bedrooms, it usually improved by about two numbers and sometimes even three! On the main floor, the quality improved by at least one digit.

4. Cooking Even At Low Heat Makes Air Quality Drop

One of my biggest surprises when monitoring the air quality on my Philips purifier and on the Philips Air Matters app was how big of an impact cooking had on our air quality.

I should mention that we use a gas range and stove in our house. And while I felt it was only natural that the air quality worsened when we cooked at high heat (like when making a stir-fry, for example), I was amazed to see that even warming up a can of soup at a lower heat made a difference.

I was also shocked by how wide-reaching that drop in air quality was. When I was cooking, the air quality on the entire main floor AND in the boys’ bedrooms upstairs worsened. Thank goodness for the automatic setting on the Philips 2000i air purifier that had our machines kicking in as soon as they were needed!

Knowing that the air we were breathing was so much worse when I was cooking meant that I could take some steps to minimize the negative effects. I’m much more diligent about turning on our range hood and our kitchen fan when cooking now!


5. Monitoring Air Quality is (Almost) as Important as Improving It

After months of having our purifiers in place, I think the most important thing that I learned was that having a purifier to improve the air is only the first step. Knowing what actions are impacting air quality is almost as important!

Being able to identify the activities that lower our household’s indoor air quality lets me use our purifiers more efficiently. I now turn off the purifiers when we leave the house, and make sure they’re running at full power when I’m cooking something at high heat.

And the best part is that since our purifiers are compatible with our Amazon Alexa system, I can turn them on and off with a simple voice command! As soon as I start cooking, I just tell Alexa that I want the purifiers running, and then get to work.

Whether you have family members that struggles with airborne allergens like I do, or you just want to ensure your family has the best indoor air quality possible, the Philips Series 2000i air purifier is a great choice for improving and tracking your household’s air quality. And personally, having these purifiers in my house means everyone breaths a little easier!

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  1. A while ago, we had the carpet cleaners over doing our carpets, and they mentioned that carpets can greatly affect air quality. I started vacuuming more like they recommended and noticed our allergies improved. It really does help!

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