Mary Poppins Returns Now Available on Blu-ray and DVD

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A couple of years ago, I had the fun of introducing my two older boys to a character I had loved myself as a child: Mary Poppins! The boys loved the original movie from 1964 starring Julie Andrews, and I was so happy to share that nostalgic moment with them.

Now, Mary Poppins is back and bringing whimsy and wonder to children once more! Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns was released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on March 19 and it’s a new adventure starring an old favourite character that your family won’t want to miss! Here’s a brief synopsis:

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The magic continues in Disney’s classic as Mary Poppins helps the Banks family remember the joy of being a child. Together with her friend Jack the lamplighter, fun is brought back to the streets of London in a celebration that everything is possible…even the impossible.

I’ll admit that I was a little nervous about seeing this movie. Mary Poppins was a childhood favourite and I wasn’t sure if a more modern Mary could do the same job of capturing my heart. I shouldn’t have worried. Emily Blunt is practically perfect in the role and brought that same magic to Mary’s character that I loved so much in the original.

My boys also loved the new movie and enjoyed seeing the continuation of a story they already knew. Mary Poppins Returns is a true sequel, with Jane and Michael now grown adults and Michael’s three children being the ones in need of a little magic. Zack and Ben embraced this story just as energetically as the original.

Mary Poppins Returns is the perfect choice for a family movie night this weekend, so make sure to grab a copy now and bring home the magic of Mary all over again. Your kids will be glad that you did!

9 thoughts on “Mary Poppins Returns Now Available on Blu-ray and DVD”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I watched this with my daughter and granddaughter. It was enjoyable but not as good as the original I thought.

  2. I thought it was really good except it didn’t seem to have that many songs and I can’t even remember one of them. Maybe if I see it again I might remember the songs. I know the words to most of the songs in Mary Poppins.

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