Freshen Up Your Spring with New Live Clean Natural Vegan Deodorant-Giveaway

As much as I love using naturally-sourced products when I can, there are some occasions in which I simply can’t find one that works as well as I want it to.

One of the reasons I love Live Clean products is because I know that anything the company offers is going to work well. From the foaming hand soap to the shampoos and conditioners, Live Clean quality is simply unmatched.


So, when I recently opened a surprise package from the company and saw that Live Clean now offers a vegan deodorant that’s 99% naturally derived, I quite honestly gave a little squeal of delight! I’ve never found a natural deodorant that worked as well as I wanted…but I knew if anyone could get it right, Live Clean could!

The new deodorants come in four amazing formulas: Fragrance Free, Powder Clean, Sparkling Citrus and Cool & Fresh. Like any deodorant, they’re designed not to block sweating, but to eliminate the unpleasant odour of sweat while still letting the body cool itself down naturally.

I loved the sleek sticks and the assortment of scents, but I knew the real test was going to be in seeing how well the deodorants worked when it came to keeping me feeling fresh. With warmer spring temperatures leaving me energized, I decided the Sparkling Citrus would be my scent of choice.

One of the big appeals of the Live Clean deodorants is that the formulas claim all-day odour protection without aluminum, parabens, petroleum or propylene glycol. Instead, this vegan deodorant blends baking soda and cornstarch with botanicals of parsley, rosemary and sage.

I also loved that Live Clean vegan deodorant was non-whitening. Like most women, I’ve occasionally found an unexpected white streak on my clothing from applying anti-perspirant, but that’s not a worry with Live Clean deodorant.

I used the deodorant for a full week while working outside in the yard in the sun, running errands, taking care of the baby and rushing off to the older boys’ sporting events. And through it all, Live Clean deodorant had me smelling great.

While I enjoy the citrus scent of the Sparkling Citrus deodorant I first tried, I eventually switched to the Powder Fresh scent instead, as I found that its powdery aroma kept me feeling extra clean. It’s been my go-to for days when I know I’ll be working up a sweat!

Want to see for yourself how effective a natural vegan deodorant can be? Live Clean is very generously offering TWO lucky Mommy Kat and Kids readers a prize pack containing all four new Live Clean deodorants, a $28 value! To enter to win, just leave a comment about which scent you’d most like to try.


Having tried so many Live Clean products over the years, I have a few that are tried and true favourites. I never leave home without my favourite Live Clean Fresh Face Smoothing Facial Scrub, and the Live Clean baby Gentle Moisture Baby Lotion is a must for my baby’s delicate skin.

The new Live Clean deodorant has quickly become one of those essential favourites and makes me even more excited to see what great products the company creates next!

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  1. I love Live Clean and I am so happy they have a deodorant now, I would love to give the Sparkling Citrus a try first then the Cool & Fresh!!

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