Top 7 New Blind Box Toy Collectibles

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If there’s one thing that kids tend to find universally appealing, it’s blind box collectibles. Just like my own generation once collected hockey card packs, POGs and Beanie Babies, today’s kids are now going crazy for collectible blind box squishy toys, figurines and vehicles of all kinds.

If your kids love collectibles as much as mine, you may be wondering what new options are available for your little one. Make sure to check out these seven hot new blind box collectibles to be the coolest parent on the block!

Tonka Tinys


Being tiny has never been more fun! Tonka Tinys each come in a small crate, which can be opened and connected to other sets to create roads for the vehicles to use. Each set includes tiny accessories like stop signs and road stickers, so that young city planners can create the ultimate roadway for their vehicles. There are over 100 different Tonka Tiny vehicles to collect, from construction vehicles to race cars. And when the fun is done, the roadways fold back into little crates to keep the cars safe until next time!

Bananas Blind Box


The fun of these collectibles isn’t just the fact that kids get a whole bunch of them to open…it’s also in peeling each scented banana to find the toys inside! And the adorable animals that come in each Banana aren’t the only appeal either. (No pun intended!) Each set of three Bananas contains a total of 15 surprises and 21 gemstones stickers! Learn more at and collect all of the common, rare and super rare animals!

Wonder Chimp Surprise


The new movie Wonder Park is a hit with kids of all ages and if your little one is a fan, they’ll love these adorable roller coaster cars that each feature a differently decked-out Wonder Chimp! The chimps can ride in their little cars once unboxed and the cars themselves can be hooked together to create the ultimate roller coaster right at home! With 30 different Wonder Chimp Surprise blind box cars to collect, they’ll provide hours of wonder-filled fun!



Small, squishy and super cute describes JigglyDoos perfectly. Each package contains two sweet little animals. And when JigglyDoos say that they’re super soft, they mean it! The little animals have an appealing “smooshy” texture that makes them perfect for squeezing. See the full collection here and let your kids try to collect all 64! And for the ultimate fan, check out the accessories that include furniture and play sets.

Harry Potter Wands


Fans of the Harry Potter books and movies will fall in love with these miniature wands! Each includes a stand to display the wand, so kids can put their entire collection out to be admired. And kids will love the surprise of seeing which wand they get each time. From Dumbledore’s legendary Elder Wand to Harry’s own classic Phoenix-core wand, these wands are full of magical fun. See which of the twelve Harry Potter Collectible Wands chooses you!

Who’s Your Llama?


There’s nothing more fun and silly than a collection of llamas that come in blind box camping trailers. And kids will get one of twelve goofy llamas each time they open up a package! Llamas aren’t just decked out in their finest outfits, from Deli Llama to Dreamy Llama, though. They also each feature a silly expression, from winking to spitting! Click here to see the full collection and try to find all twelve!

Stickbot Multi Colors


Stickbots have been a favourite collectible for the last few years, and the company is always coming out with new characters kids can add to their current favourites. The new multicoloured Stikbot Toys combine two or more vibrant colours for a fun new look kids will love. Combined with the Stikbot Zanimation Studio, kids can create their own fun and wacky animations to share with family and friends!

From cute and silly to small and mighty, there’s sure to be one of these new collectibles that your kids will love. Find them in stores now for tons of collecting fun!

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I actually gave one of my grandsons a few of the Tonka Tinys in Spring and he was delighted with them.

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