4 Reasons To Switch To Reusable Produce Bags When Shopping

Over the past couple of years, many countries have been cutting down on the use of plastic bags, especially in grocery stores. The grocery market is an important one because food always remains at the top of the list for shoppers, even in times of economic hardship. That’s why the move to reusable bags in grocery stores began!

Now, thousands of reusable produce bags are used daily, primarily because they have significant benefits to shoppers and the environment. If you haven’t made the switch yet, check out these 4 reasons to start using reusable bags!

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Reusable Produce Bags Protect the Environment

To better understand the impact of reusable bags on the environment, it’s useful to compare them to traditional plastic bags. Oil and natural gas are important in the production of plastic bags, and with billions of people shopping every hour, the amount of plastic bags produced is staggering. Reusable bags help to save on the use of those non-renewable resources.

Most reusable bags also decompose much faster than plastic, or can be recycled. Plastic bags break down slowly, and in the process, releases toxins to the environment. A landfill full of plastic bags can take hundreds of years to degrade completely. Look for reusable grocery bags made of cotton or bags with the recycling symbol to help ensure your bags are minimizing environmental impact.

Reusable Bags Can Be Customized

Unlike the standard plastic bag, reusable grocery bags can be customized in all kinds of ways! Whether you love flowers and girly colours or you like soothing nature patterns, you’ll be able to find a durable bag that shows off your style. Some bags even pack up into small pouches so they can be tucked into your purse!

While most stores sell their own reusable grocery bags, it can be worthwhile to look online for other styles and patterns of bags as well. Finding shopping bags you love, like this Farmer’s Market Bag, makes using them a little bit more fun…which also means you’ll be more likely to remember them when you’re heading out to do your shopping!

Reusable Bags are Cost-Effective

Although reusable bags do have an initial investment cost, the bags last for months or even years once purchased. A quick rinse will have dirty bags looking like new. And the bags are designed to be durable, so even after multiple grocery trips or multiple washes, they’re ready to handle those groceries.

To save even more, keep an eye out for deals at your favourite stores. Many chains will offer a small discount to shoppers that bring reusable bags, and others will sometimes offer reusable bags free of charge occasionally as a promotion. If your current store charges for plastic bags, as many now do, the savings will add up in no time!


Bagging Groceries is Easier with Reusable Bags

Plastic bags can be a challenge when it’s time to pack up those groceries. At some stores, heavier items means that a high number of plastic bags are used…more than any one household needs to keep on hand to reuse! Stores that charge for plastic bags, on the other hand, often have people overfilling the bags and then worrying about them breaking.

But reusable bags are made to last, and that means bagging requires less planning and can be done more efficiently. Even the heaviest items are safely carried in a reusable grocery bag, and the bags are generally larger so that less are needed. Insulated bags are even available to help keep frozen food in top condition during the drive home!

Reusable produce bags are a win-win situation, since they’re handy for shoppers and a better choice for the environment! Do some research on the different styles and types of bags available, and make the switch today!

7 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Switch To Reusable Produce Bags When Shopping”

  1. I always use my reusable bags . We recently just got some reusable mesh bags for produce . We are slowly switching to more environmentally friendly products.

  2. Honestly, we are all germa-phobes. We need some bacteria, we need some germs and frankly not having them makes us unhealthy and weak; we just have to wash the produce… I like reuseable bags and have been using them for years and especially for my produce; we did it in Europe as a child and was so confused when I came to Canada and everything was these thin little plastic bags. So much better for the environment and for us personally.

    1. I totally agree with this! I have thin mesh produce bags that I use and I’ve never really worried about germs or contamination. I just wash our fruits and veggies before we eat them. :)

  3. I always use reusable bags when shopping I like that its better choice for the environment and I get to choose my own bags

  4. I’m not sure how this would work. I put my produce in the plastic bags provided in order to keep the food from becoming contaminated by being in contact with dirty carts, scales or conveyor. If I put it in my own reusable bag they would likely take it out to weigh it (and contaminate it) or charge me for the extra weight of my bag.

    1. I see your point but honestly, if you ever spend five minutes watching people choose produce, you’ll notice it’s all contaminated already. Reusable bags and a homemade fruit and veggie wash are the way to go, in my opinion! :)

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