How Reading Aloud To Your Children Helps Build Life Skills

It goes without saying that reading is one of the most important skills a child will ever learn. And while reading aloud to your little ones is a great way to help develop literacy, it actually has many other benefits that you might not know about!

From developing a deeper emotional intellect to honing teamwork and social skills, children can benefit a lot from reading their favourite books out loud, or from listening to their parents do so. Here are three important ways that reading aloud builds life skills:

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It Helps Develop Emotional Intelligence

One of the greatest benefits of reading is the way it stimulates emotion, letting us develop empathy. And for children, hearing parents read aloud with emotion helps them develop that emotional intelligence as well.

As they hear happiness, sadness and anger expressed in a story, they’re able to recognize those emotions both in themselves and in others with more skill and compassion.

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It Teaches Teamwork & Problem Solving

Stories about characters that have successfully overcome challenges can actually inspire positive problem-solving behaviour in young readers.

In many children’s books, characters have to put differences aside and work together in order to reach a common goal. By following the story, children are able to better understand how teamwork “works.”

Teamwork skills children are exposed to often include good communication, being open to different ideas, and understanding that everyone has their own unique and important roles when it comes to solving a problem.

It Helps Develop Social Skills

Books and family reading time may be a child’s first clear introduction to social concepts like sharing, kindness, and diversity.

Reading books aloud can help kids learn and comprehend important social behaviours, such as the importance of understanding and appreciating different people and ideas, as well as being a good communicator and listener.

Characters in children’s books usually display good social skills, but even the characters displaying poor social habits can teach children about the types of behaviours that may not be considered appropriate.

Use these behaviours to start conversations with your child about the choices they might make in a similar situation.


Of course, it goes without saying that reading aloud to your child is a great way to develop their own literacy skills. But the next time you pick up your child’s favourite story, try to find some of the other ways it may be helping them grow and develop.

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