Prepping For the New Year with Happy Planner

Like most people, I found 2020 to be pretty stressful. From cancelling vacations to managing online school to worrying about my family’s health, my usual optimistic attitude took a bit of a hit this year!

Then, a few months ago, I had the chance to receive the new book from Stephanie Fleming, Plan a Happy Life, along with her company’s signature product, the Happy Planner, a hole punch and a sticker set. I decided the timing was perfect to try to change my mindset and take back my joy in 2021!


The founders of the company originally focused on creating stickers specifically for scrapbooking, but when they later launched the Happy Planner organizer, it became an instant best-seller.

One of my favourite things about the planners is that they come in different themes depending on individual goals, from budgeting to wellness! Since coronavirus did a number on my own health habits, I chose the Wellness Planner along with the book to help start me on my own wellness mission.

While I’ve come a long way over the years, keeping myself organized has always been a bit of a struggle. So before I even opened my Happy Planner, I sat down with Plan a Happy Life to set a good groundwork for myself moving forward.


Immediately, I was drawn into the interactive style of the book, which encourages different activities to increase creativity and happiness in each chapter. From taking silly selfies to creating a vision board, having hands-on activities to help me set my goals was an instant help.

I also loved the step-by-step process taken to help me set my own goals, realize my dreams and increase my happiness. Like so many busy moms, I have lots of big dreams but often struggle to move forward with realizing them.

Stephanie broke down the process with three steps for goal setting, four steps for planning actions towards realizing those goals and tips for ensuring that, throughout each day, I’m also practicing positivity and gratitude.


Plan a Happy Life gave me some great ideas for my own wellness goal, and so I decided to put some of the tips and advice in the book into practice using my own Happy Planner!

I loved the fact that the planner helped me along by providing a planning and organizing page at the beginning of every month, along with sections on each week’s page for the day’s intention, nourishment and movement.

In fact, the organized layout of the pages helped me to move forward easily with one of my initial goals, meal planning, since I could sit down on Sunday and plan out each day’s meals in the Happy Planner for the week ahead!


The hole punch lets me add new pages to the planner if necessary, and the stickers simply make the process of organizing and tracking my wellness more fun!

In fact, the stickers have been a big reason I’ve stayed committed to using the planner. Finding the perfect sticker for a particular day just brings me an extra bit of joy and helps motivate me to stick with my plans!


Check out the full collection of products and the new Plan a Happy Life book on the website and see which ones might help motivate you to stay on track.

Whether you’re saving for your dream house or just want to save memories of your family’s happiest moments, there’s a Happy Planner to help you have the best year ever!

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  1. My goals and dreams are always travel related so I am hopeful to plan some great trips. I’d be happy to see more of Canada with my kids if we can.

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