Control Excessive Sweating With Dermadry

The human body is one amazing piece of machinery, but it certainly can have its annoyances. And for up to 950,000 Canadians, hyperhidrosis is one of those annoyances!

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, has two different types. Generalized hyperhidrosis occurs over the entire body, and usually is caused by an underlying condition, like menopause or an endocrine disorder. Generalized hyperhidrosis treatment it is usually just a matter of treating that underlying condition.


But focal hyperhidrosis occurs only in specific areas like the underarms, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. The cause of the condition isn’t known, though it may be related to an over-active central nervous system.

If you’re one of the almost one million Canadians that suffers from focal hyperhidrosis, you may be wondering what you can do to treat the condition. And for long-lasting and clinically proven results, the Dermadry Total may be for you!


The Dermadry Total is a personal Iontophoresis machine that can be used in the comfort of your own home. It works by sending a mild electric current through the minerals in tap water to the specific part of the body that’s producing excessive sweat.

The electrical current disrupts the signal between the nerves and sweat glands to stop sweat production in the treated zone.


Dermadry sent me a machine so that I could test it out for myself. I was especially curious about what the machine would feel like while being used. The device consists of the controller, two trays, two towels and electrodes for hand and foot treatments, and two electrodes with four fabric pockets for underarm treatments.

One of the stand-out features of the Dermadry Total is that it’s appropriate for hands, feet, and underarms. Most Iontophoresis machines are designed for just hands and feet, but the Dermadry includes special electrodes and pocketed towels that let users treat the underarm area as well.


Setting up the machine for hands and feet consists of separating the carrying case into two trays and placing the electrodes and towels inside. Then, each tray has up to 500ml of water added, and the machine is turned on.

Hands or feet are placed in the trays and remain there for 20 minutes. As recommended, I started below the maximum amperage when trying it on my hands, at 5mA. The sensation was a cross between the “waking” feeling after a limb falls asleep and a prickly type of itch. It didn’t hurt, but was definitely noticeable!


Underarm treatment, on the other hand, uses the smaller electrodes placed in fabric pockets. Each pocket needs to be thoroughly soaked in water to ensure a comfortable treatment. The electric current for underarm treatment is also much lower.

The pockets are held in place under the arms for fifteen minutes. Once again, I started at about a third of the maximum amperage, at 3mA. But since I shave my underarms, they weren’t as sensitive as my palms and I was able to increase the amperage to 5mA almost immediately.


The sensation is similar to a hand or foot treatment, but the process is a little different. Because the wet pads are held under the arms, there is some dripping down the side of the body. I found it was most comfortable to wrap a towel around my waist to catch any drips and then relax in a chair for the 15 minutes.

For the best results, 3-5 treatments a week are recommended until you see your desired results. And 92.9 percent of users notice a difference in just two weeks or less! Personally, I mainly wanted to see if I could reduce my underarm sweating, and I saw results in just over a week.

The one thing to remember about the Dermadry Total is that once you reach your desired level of dryness, you do need to continue using the machine at a reduced schedule to maintain results. For mild to moderate hyperhidrosis, that means just a single treatment every one to three weeks.


The portability of the Dermadry Total is a great benefit of the system. Even when travelling or away from the home, the entire system can easily be carried along in its case so that there’s no need to interrupt treatments.

But the best thing about the Dermadry really is how non-invasive it is. Some hyperhidrosis treatments require painful injections or even surgery. In comparison, a simple 20-minute treatment with no more discomfort than a mild tingling is an incredible alternative.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis and have been looking for a solution, you’ll want to learn more about the Dermadry for yourself. Visit the website to read Dermadry reviews from customers, learn more about how the machine works, and discover whether the Dermadry might even be covered by your insurance.

Excessive sweating can range from mildly annoying to almost debilitating, but luckily, there is help! Ask your doctor if the Dermadry could be right for you. It may be the hyperhidrosis treatment you’ve been looking for.

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  1. This is awesome, my doctor keeps telling me there is nothing he can do, and it’s really embarrassing when out shopping and my head is soaking wet, and at home doing the simplest task makes me a wet noodle, I hate it and would love to try this machine

  2. Very interesting article. The technological innovation is quite impressive and it’s great for people with the condition to have an option for treatment.

    1. Believe it or not, other personal Iontophoresis machines range from $700-$1K! Also, since it’s a medical device, if you have a doctor’s diagnosis for hyperhidrosis, most insurance companies will cover the cost to some degree as well. :)

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