Top 8 Gifts for Hard-To-Buy-For Men

Find great gifts for the men in my life is something I’ve always found challenging. Guys often aren’t as communicative about gifts they’d like, or even about items they need.

Luckily, I have found a few tried-and-true ideas over the years, so if you also need some tips on finding fantastic gifts for hard-to-buy-for men, look no further!

These 8 gift ideas are a great starting point for choosing a gift he’s sure to love.

Watch the Wrist


Is your guy one of the many that has a beat-up watch he wears everywhere? As handy as a watch can be, one that’s out-of-date or starting to wear out isn’t making the impact it could be.

A Navy Seal diver watch is an excellent upgrade from a tired timepiece, since it is tough, ready for adventure, and timeless. Available in styles that range from casual to formal, you’ll be sure to find the special piece that’s perfect for his personality. 

Groom Game


Most men have a pretty sparse skincare routine…if they have one at all! While skincare has traditionally been more in the woman’s realm, men do need to take care of their skin too.

Nowadays, there are some amazing products made for men’s faces and fragrance preferences, from sunscreen and beard oil to hair products and moisturizer.

Help to upgrade your guy’s style game by surprising him with some male-friendly grooming products. Get some ideas on the best products for his needs at Beardoholic!

key organizer

Organize His Keys

If your guy is always misplacing his keys, help him solve the problem in style with a smart key organizer!

Not only will a good key organizer help keep up to 14 keys neatly organized in his pocket, new smart key organizers will also ring and display on a map if they’ve been misplaced!

To make the gift extra special, consider getting the key organizer engraved with your guy’s name, or a special message.

dress sneakers for men

Fancy Footwear

Even the trendiest man can be guilty of forgetting to upgrade his kicks. Help him take his wardrobe up a notch by surprising him with a new pair of stylish shoes.

There’s no shortage of great brands and options when it comes to comfortable and fashionable shoewear for men, so whether he prefers sneakers or dress shoes, you’re sure to find something he’ll love.

Use your guy’s current favorite footwear as a starting point, and then look for an upgraded version of the shoe style he prefers.

The best part is that he’ll be reminded of your thoughtful gift every day when he slips on his new footwear.

Quality Smoke

cuban cigars

A man with almost everything, whether he smokes or not, is likely to be delighted with a Cuban cigar gift set. A luxurious gift, you can pair the cigars with classic accessories like a humidor and a cigar cutter.

And if he’s a real aficionado, then choosing the perfect cigars will be even easier, since you may already know some of his favorite types.

Not sure what varieties of Cuban cigars to choose? Davidoff and Cohiba Cigars are appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide, and will make a unique and irreplaceable choice for a cigar collection.

Another must-have for serious smokers is Trinidad Fundadores, prized for their delicacy and complex flavors. In general, as long as you choose a high-quality Cuban cigar, he’s sure to be impressed.

Feel the Flannel


Could your man’s wardrobe use some new foundation pieces?

Men often aren’t inclined to shop even for their own clothing, so odds are good that the clothes in your guy’s closet may be worn out, out of fashion, or no longer the correct size.

And if the reverse is true and your guy loves wearing the trendiest styles, he’ll appreciate some new threads just as much!

If you know his size and style, go ahead and surprise him with clothes you know he’ll love.

If you’re unsure of preferred sizes, styles, or brands, plan a shopping trip with a few fun breaks and maybe even a nice meal, to make the excursion extra-special.

Ticket Time


Does your guy has a favorite sports team, a band he’s loved since his teen years, or a comedian he’s always laughing along with? Tickets to an event featuring one of his favourites can be an amazing surprise gift.

If you live a couple of hours away from popular venues, consider making a special weekend getaway and taking a road trip to the event.

And if your budget is a little tight, then look into getting tickets to a smaller, local event of the sport, music, or entertainment style he most enjoys.

Guys’ Night


As people fall into a daily “work and home” routine, they often find they’re no longer spending as much time with their friends.

If your guy has that issue, consider planning a special guys’ get-together at his favorite restaurant, bowling alley, or ski area. To make it as stress-free as possible, plan food, drinks, and any required reservations or equipment in advance.

Give his friends plenty of advance notice and ensure they know where and when to show up, then step back and let him enjoy his night with friends.

kathryn and jeremy

From birthday presents to Father’s Day gifts, finding great gifts for men that may not be used to shopping or sharing their preferences can definitely be a challenge.

But with a bit of patience, creativity, and planning, it can be easier than you think to find the perfect gift for your perfect guy!

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