8 Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gifts from the Kids

Of all the year’s holidays, most moms have a special love of Mother’s Day. Once a year, they get to hang up their “mom” hats and sit back as everyone shows appreciation for them.

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From handmade gifts to fun week-long vacations, every family celebrates differently. Here are some ideas for heartfelt Mother’s Day gifts for the kids to give!

1. An Ornament

Sweet yet simple, a customized ornament is the perfect Mother’s Day gift from the kids. Personalizable in a variety of ways, ornaments make for some of the best engraved gifts you can give.

Whether it’s Mom’s first Mother’s Day or her 30th, an ornament never goes out of style. Take it a step further and include a picture of the kids in it, or have it engraved with their names.

That way, whenever she looks at it, she’ll be reminded how much her children love her.


2. A Succulent Garden

Succulents are all the rage these days, typically because they don’t need much water and thrive on lots of sunlight.

That makes them the perfect plants for moms, who are often so busy that they forget to water any plants they have!

Mom can simply set the succulent garden in the window sill or hang it from a corner that gets ample sunlight, and water it when she feels like it.

The main thing to note about succulents is that they should never be overwatered. Watering them more than once every 14 – 21 days can drown them!

It’s easier to bring succulents back from dehydration than it is to dry them out, which is why they make a great low-maintenance gift.

3. Paint a Birdhouse

Get a birdhouse kit from your local craft store, and then hot glue it together. Once it’s set and cooled, let the kids paint it.

You could get them each their own birdhouse to paint, or you could let them paint pieces of the birdhouse prior to sealing it with glue.

Make sure the kids wear old clothes that can get dirty, then let them go nuts with paint, beads and any other craft materials you feel comfortable letting them use.

Mom will then have a sweet and unique gift to use for years to come. Every time she looks at it, she’ll be reminded of their thoughtfulness and creativity.


4. A Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the sweetest. Mom will love an arrangement of fresh blooms, from the front yard or your local florist, placed into a mason jar with some water and flower food.

Consider getting her some seasonal flowers, such as tulips and peonies, to mix in with her favorite florals.

After you cut the stems down so they fit into the vase, the kids can help arrange them in a unique way that Mom will love!

5. An Engraved Jewelry Box

Many mothers need somewhere safe to keep their jewelery. So why not get her a beautiful, engraved glass jewelry box?

Monogrammed with her name or the kids’ names, it’s a sweet personalized Mother’s Day gift for any mom that loves pretty things.

If your children are older and looking for something to give mom, a personalized jewelry box is the perfect gift that kids can contribute to with their own allowance or money from a first job.

She’s sure to be thrilled when she opens her gift to find a beautiful jewelry box sitting there, waiting for her!


6. A Fingerprint Photo Frame

Spice up your Mother’s Day photo gifts by adding painted fingerprint hearts to a wooden photo frame!

This is perfect if you’ve got a newborn or a very small child. Simply paint their finger with paint, and then place it on the wooden frame at an angle. Paint their finger again, and then place it back down on the photo frame at another angle to create a heart shape.

Since each person has unique fingerprints, every heart you make with each of your childrens’ fingers is unique to them!

Be sure to date the frame so that Mom can look back on it and recall the memories from when your kids were that tiny.

Consider using her favorite color for paint, or go traditional with reds, pinks, and purples to symbolize love. You could also incorporate greens, blues, and yellows for springtime!


7. Homemade Soap

Handmade soap can be much better for you than store-bought soap. So, help Mom love her skin by making her a bar of soap!

There are lots of DIY tutorials you can follow to find the perfect combination of oils and fragrances for her. Whether she’d prefer citrus, florals, or herbs, there’s a soap combo out there that’s perfect for Mom.

The kids can help you measure the ingredients, stir them together, cut the soap bars, and package them up!

You can even find tutorials for a full bath setup that includes bath bombs, soap, scrubs, and more! Put everything together in a basket or decorative box for her to enjoy on a relaxing night all her own.

8. A Handprint Canvas

Another fun art project from the kids is a handprint canvas. Choose a blank canvas from your local craft store of any size, and then get some paint that’s perfect for finger painting.

Fill some bowls or glass pie plates with the paint, and choose a neutral or bright primary color to paint the canvas.

After it’s dry, get the kids together to cover their hands with paint of a contrasting color — you want it to show up on the canvas.

Then, place their hand right on the canvas. You can do one handprint from each child or multiple handprints with different colors. It’s artwork!

The canas be a fun addition to any of the wall art in Mom’s office or on her dresser. Either way, she’ll have something sweet to commemorate the day. You can even include your own handprint as a fun way to tie everything together!

Make a family tree, an art deco creating or an abstract painting. The possibilities are endless!


Moms do a lot for their families in a year, so taking some time to plan special Mother’s Day gifts from the kids is a great way to show everyone’s appreciation.

After all, there’s no better day than Mother’s Day to make Mom feel like a queen!

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