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If there’s one thing that I have lots of experience with when it comes to babies, it’s breastfeeding.

All three of my boys did extended nursing to some degree, and there were times when I felt like breastfeeding took up the majority of my day.

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And all that experience taught me one very important thing…breastfeeding is a lot easier with the right gear and the right information!

That’s why I’ve always been a fan of Medela. The company’s Purelan Lanolin Cream was in a welcome package from the hospital when my oldest was born, and was a godsend as I awkwardly figured out how to breastfeed in those first few weeks.

Now, Medela is helping breastfeeding mamas across Canada in a new way, with the introduction of Medela Family, an email newsletter offering personalized support for new and expecting moms.


Containing useful tips, discounts, and expert advice throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, it’s a must-read resource for any new mom.


To take advantage of all the great content from Medela, make sure to sign up for the new Medela Family newsletter.

The time I spent breastfeeding my boys is one of the most cherished memories of their baby years that I have. There’s no way to explain how special that bonding is.

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But there were inevitably times it was taxing or downright frustrating as well. I sure would have appreciated the Medela Family newsletter back then!

So make sure to check it out if you’re currently expecting or have a newborn. A little bit of knowledge and support can go a long way when it comes to the challenging and rewarding experience of breastfeeding!

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    1. Hi Philip! It looks like you’re in Kenya, is that correct? Sadly there are not many programs that I can find in your country that offer free samples for babies. Perhaps you could look for programs in your city that offer support to new parents?

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