6 Home Maintenance To-Dos Before the End of Summer

Fall is a busy time of year for most families. The kids are back in school, the yard needs raking, and holiday gatherings are fast approaching.

Finding the time to do some much-needed home maintenance during all that bustle can be difficult. So consider doing it before summer comes to an end instead!

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Here’s what you can do now to save you time and trouble this fall:

Check Out the Attic

When’s the last time you inspected the attic? While you may not be going in there very often, the attic is a very important part of the house. If you can, head up there to check for damage.

Make sure that vents are clear of debris so that air can flow in and out of the home. The insulation should be plump and fluffy. If it looks flattened or crusty, it needs to be changed. Good insulation means cheaper heating bills this fall.

Look closely for signs of mice while you’re up there, too, such as droppings and burrow holes. If you find any, get the help of a pest control company in Oshawa or near you. Mice like to nest in the insulation, causing damage and contaminating the air.

Give the Deck Some TLC

While you may not have the time or budget to get a new deck, there are some things you can do to maintain it. Check the deck for rot and chip away any bad spots. Fill the space in with wood filler and seal it with varnish.

Replace broken boards with new ones. Sweep and mop the deck with a wood cleaner, then look underneath the deck and remove any detritus you find. Pull weeds and plants out from the sides of the deck.


Skunks, raccoons, and other creatures likes to burrow under decks in the fall when temperatures drop. Keep them out by ensuring that there are no gaps in the sides of the deck.

Set up a lattice when you are done maintaining the deck or fill in the sides with wooden planks. Call a wildlife removal company if you suspect that an animal is living under the deck.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Trees that hang over the roof risk breaking and causing some serious damage to your house. When fall comes around, their leaves will also fall directly onto the roof and go into the gutters.

Trees and shrubs that were planted too close to the house may also be causing too much shade. Check your plants for disease and overgrowth and maintain them now before the end of the season. Hire an arborist if you need a tree removed.


Clean the Gutters

Cleaning out the gutters is a bit of a hassle, but it’s important that you maintain this part of the roof. Your gutters ensure that water flows off the roof and away from the home. When they are blocked with leaves and debris, you risk flooding your basement or damaging the roof.

Squirrels might also try to nest in gutters clogged with debris, and may try to get inside the attic. If you haven’t already cleaned your gutters this year, do it now so that it’s out of the way.

Inspect the Foundation

The foundation is another part of the home that is taken for granted. Walk around the house and look carefully for gaps and cracks in the foundation. You should also look from underneath the deck.

Finding a small, thin crack in the foundation doesn’t mean that the house will fall down, but it may be inviting some unwanted insects into the home. Seal these up with an epoxy sealer or silicone foundation.

If you come across a growing, horizontal, bowing, or wide crack in the foundation, call an expert for help.

Check Windows for Drafts

Drafty windows increase your energy bills by letting the air in from the outside. Getting this fixed before the end of the season will help you save on heating the house this fall.

On a windy day, standing inside, hold a lit candle near each window. If the flame flickers or bends, there is a draft.


Outside, check your window frames for cracks and seal them up with a silicone caulking. This will help eliminate drafts and keep bugs out of the home.

Check again for drafts when you are done. If you continue to have problems, consider replacing your windows before winter.

Making sure your home is clean, snug, and ready for winter before the temperature drops just makes sense, so try to give everything a once-over on your next lazy summer day.

When it comes to home maintenance tips, prevention is always the best way to make sure your house stays at its best!

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