Boost Confidence After Pregnancy with a Mommy Makeover

After giving birth to three boys, I know full-well just how hard pregnancy is on the body. And while the body’s hormones may return to normal after giving birth, some other changes can be longer lasting, or even permanent.

This can be a big adjustment to go through, physically and emotionally. It can be hard to look in the mirror and see a person that looks so different.


Some women may even develop severe body image issues after having a baby, because they don’t feel beautiful or fit anymore.

So, what can you do if you’re dealing with post-pregnancy body changes and you want to regain your self-confidence? The answer may be a mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeovers:

Mommy makeovers are combinations of plastic surgery procedures meant to address the post-baby changes that many moms go through.

A makeover may involve a breast lift to raise the breasts to a higher position, or a breast augmentation to restore fullness and volume.

It can involve a tummy tuck to strengthen the abdominal walls and remove excess skin around the midsection. Or it may involve liposuction to remove stubborn fat deposits that won’t go away.

A mommy makeover may also include cellulite reduction on the calves, as hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to the development of cellulite in various areas of the body.

While it can be possible to get rid of cellulite on calves with Evertone and other non-medical options, sometimes more intensive treatment can be helpful.


Where can you get a mommy makeover? If you’re interested in addressing your post-baby changes, start with a visit to a Mississauga plastic surgery clinic or a clinic near you for a surgical consultation.

During the consultation, you can discuss the changes that you want to address and the results that you’re hoping to get.

The surgeon will guide you toward the best procedures for you, so that you are happy with what you see in the mirror post-recovery.

Mommy Makeovers and Self-Esteem:

It’s important to remember that if you have a history of low self-esteem, a mommy makeover may not be the best way to regain your confidence.

Self-esteem is largely an emotional issue, and addressing that emotional view you have of yourself should be the top priority.

But if you’re an overall confident person that just wants to feel more like her pre-pregnancy self, a mommy makeover could make a big difference.

After all, after the stress and strain of pregnancy and giving birth, it can be incredibly empowering to get excited about how you look.

If you’re wondering firsthand what kind of difference you might see, check out this video from Harper’s BAZAAR of three women who had mommy makeovers.

Motherhood and Self-Esteem:

Regardless of whether you decide to try a mommy makeover or just a new diet and exercise plan, remember that your self-confidence isn’t something that you should put on the back burner.

It may not seem like a priority now that you have to think about all the responsibilities that come with motherhood, like making dinner, changing diapers and reading bedtime stories. But being happy with the way that you look and feel will have a positive impact on you and your family.

kathryn six months pregnant

Your children notice when you have body confidence and when you lack it, even when they’re very young. The best way to teach your kids body positivity is to show them that you are happy and confident in the way that you look.

Showing negative feelings about your looks may leave them thinking that they should feel the same way about their own.

Of course, not every post-pregnancy body issue requires surgery, and sometimes a couple of months of healthy habits will be enough to have you feeling great again.

But if stretch marks, sagging breasts, or other more permanent changes are getting you down, then remember, there are solutions! And a mommy makeover may be just the solution for you.

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